Senate Bans Torture Including Waterboarding; McCain Voted Against It

You’d think someone like John McCain, who underway years of brutal torture by his captors in North Vietnam, would understand how cruel and inhumane the practice of torture is.  The US Senate, with a 51-45 vote, has banned the CIA from using Torture and Waterboarding, when interrogating terrorist suspects.  Senator McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, voted against the ban.

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  1. All this shows is that despite the best intentions of Gila’s family members, there are people who think this might work – even someone who has been subject to it…BUT suggesting McCain was subjected to this is probably not accurate. Live wires on one’s genitals is a far cry from waterboarding.

  2. Captain, are you daft? McCain didn’t vote against it because he’s in favor of torture or thinks it “works.” He voted against it because wants to appear macho enough for Reeps like you. Here’s a video of him decrying torture a few months ago.
    Are you a professional baseball player or something? I’m acquainted with a lot of Republicans, and almost none of them are as testosterone-poisoned as you.

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