John Edwards, “Your voice will be heard.”

We are trying to construct a more inclusive society. We are going to make a country in which no one is left out. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

And then — and then, finally, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who have yet to cast your vote in this democratic process, beginning on February 5th and moving beyond, your voice will be heard and we will be there with you every single step of the way.

Join us in this movement. Join in this campaign. Let’s make America what it’s capable of being.

God bless you all and thank you for your support and thank you for being here and thank you for your voice.

John Edwards – January 27, 2008

John Edwards is asking that everyone’s voice be heard. Isn’t that part of this Democracy? Letting all voices be heard? We may not always like what they have to say, but they have a right to speak. The current problem we face is that the system allows those with the means to drown out those who do not. 99% of the people are being shouted down by the top 1%. How can we let this continue?

JOHN EDWARDS: Thank you all very much.

I want to join Senator Clinton and President Clinton in congratulating Senator Obama.

Now, the three of us move on to February 5th…


… where millions of Americans will cast their vote and help shape the future of this party and help shape the future of America.

Our campaign from the very beginning has been about one central thing and that is to give voice to millions of Americans who have absolutely no voice in this democracy, to give voice…


… to give voice to people like the woman I met in Kansas City a couple of years ago, who told me the story of working full-time and not being able to pay both her heating bill and her rent and having to come home every night in the winter and dress her children in all of their clothes, in their coats, put them under blankets and put them in bed together so they could stay warm.


… you are worried, worried because you’ve lost your job and you’re worried sick about finding a new job, your voice will be heard in this campaign.

If you’re one of 37 million Americans who wake up every single day literally worried about feeding and clothing your children and living in poverty, your voice will be heard in America and it will be heard in this campaign and we will speak for you and we will fight for you.


And if you’re one of the forgotten middle class, people who are working and struggling just to pay their bills, literally worried about every single day, we will give you voice in this campaign.

And last, if you are one of the extraordinary men and women who have served this country patriotically and worn the uniform of the United States of America and you’re not getting the health care that you deserve and you need or if you’re one of 200,000 veterans who live in this country, who, every night, go to sleep under bridges or in shelters or on grates, as long as we are alive and breathing, your voice will be heard in this campaign and it will be heard in America.

New York Times

Your voice will be heard, but only, only if John Edwards stays in this race. And because of the virtual media brown out, we have to speak for John Edwards and let everyone know his presence is essential to the process. We may have to fight to be heard, we may have to write letters, pledge to vote for John, volunteer and call people and canvass to be heard, but we have to speak out and use our voice for John. It’s that simple.

I sincerely believe that many of the issues that Obama and Clinton are focusing on would not have the same time in the spotlight as they do now (and no, I am not implying that Obama and Clinton don’t care about these issues). Edwards won the debate heard round the world and it really was the reason for Edwards’ surge in the middle of the week, people saw something that they’d been longing for, someone who cares about what they want in a new President. This is about Americans and their needs not the needs of our politicians. The bickering will not get any of the things that are badly needed in this country. It will get us a nominee, but it won’t help Democrats rally the party around the most important issues to them. We have to be the party of ideas now (Well, I think we always have been).


This is why John needs to stay in this race, he has to remain as the voice of reason and as the conscience of the party. And I know that this is not news for any of the steady Edwards supporters, we’re in it until John says he’s no longer going to fight. We fight for him until he says that his fight is over.

I want to include some excerpts from the letter Martin Luther King III wrote to John and I know we’ve posted it, but King makes the argument for why I still support Edwards. Edwards is the voice of the voiceless and he is pushing the issue of poverty and economic injustice to be heard and recognized as a real threat to our Democracy.

“I am disturbed by how little attention the topic of economic justice has received during this campaign,” wrote King. “I want to challenge all candidates to follow your lead, and speak up loudly and forcefully on the issue of economic justice in America.”From our conversation yesterday, I know this is personal for you. I know you know what it means to come from nothing. I know you know what it means to get the opportunities you need to build a better life. And, I know you know that injustice is alive and well in America, because millions of people will never get the same opportunities you had.

“I believe that now, more than ever, we need a leader who wakes up every morning with the knowledge of that injustice in the forefront of their minds, and who knows that when we commit ourselves to a cause as a nation, we can make major strides in our own lifetimes.”

The curse of poverty has no justification in our age. It is socially as cruel and blind as the practice of cannibalism at the dawn of civilization, when men ate each other because they had not yet learned to take food from the soil or to consume the abundant animal life around them. The time has come for us to civilize ourselves by the total, direct and immediate abolition of poverty.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?, 1967.

Can you believe that 41 years later our Country still faces an abundance of poverty? We have the money to fight useless wars but not the money to feed and care for those who need our help. How can we let this stand? Is this not a moral issue? How can we call ourselves the leaders of the free world when 47 million of our people have no health care? How?

“I think our voices together are more powerful than our voices alone.”

“Today, too many Americans are separated from the opportunities of our country because of where they live,”

“This is our time now. It falls to use to redeem our democracy, reclaim our government and relight the promise of America for our children.”

“I have learned there are much more important things in life than winning elections at the cost of selling your soul.”

“I don’t believe open government means popular answers in public and honest candor in private.”

I’m extremely proud of this diary that I wrote at The Daily Kos, John Edwards says, “There is nothing we can’t do if we do it together.” and I am going to include some of it here.

Democrats must take stands and must show how their interests are not about making the The Democratic Party the only party, but making the Democratic Party, the Party of change, of hope and of convictions, that puts people before profits and that works for it’s people, not against them. These stands don’t just benefit Democrats either, it is in the best interest of every American, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. And that’s why we have to fight to take the Government back by showing Republicans that we have OPINIONS, those are not bad things. I’d much rather lose by having strong opinions than lose by having luke warm stands that can’t be offensive to anyone, because you know what? That doesn’t excite people, it doesn’t get them to vote and it doesn’t show them how the Government can work in their favor.

“There’s a wall around Washington and we need to take it down. The American people are on the outside. And on the other side, on the inside, are the powerful, the well-connected and the very wealthy. That wall didn’t build itself or appear overnight. For decades, politicians without convictions and powerful interests gathered their bricks and their stones and their mortar, and they went to work. They went to work to protect their interests, to block the voice of the American people, and to stop our country’s progress. They went to work to protect, defend, and maintain the status quo.

“That wall around Washington, it protects a system that’s rigged and guess who struggles as a result? Every single day, working men and women see that wall when they have to split their bills into two piles pay-now and pay-later; when they watch the factory door shut for the last time; when they see the disappointment on their son or daughter’s face when there’s no money to pay for college. Every single day they see that wall when they have to use the emergency room as a doctor’s office for their son because they can’t afford to pay for health care. This is not okay. That wall has to come down.

“That’s why America needs a fighter, Democrats. We need one to break down that wall so that we can see Our America—imagine Our America—and build one America.

“This is bigger than politics. Bigger than any candidate or political party. Because the truth is that it’s not just Republicans who built this wall. Democrats helped too. Too many politicians from both parties are choosing self-preservation over principle, compromise over convictions.

“You have a choice in this election. You have to decide what kind of person you want as your next president. Do you want someone who is going to pretend that wall around Washington isn’t there, or defend the people who helped build it? Or do you want someone who is going to lead with conviction and tell you the truth, and have a little backbone? Do you want someone who is going to hope that the people who spent millions of dollars and decades building that wall, and have billions more invested in keeping it up, are going to be willing to compromise, to take it down voluntarily? Or do you want someone who is going to stand up to those people and fight for your interests, when the chips are down, when your backs are against the wall, every single day?

“We have a choice in this election. We can keep trying to shout over that wall. We can keep trying to knock out a chink here and there, to punch little holes in it and hope our voices get through. We can settle for baby steps, half-measures and incremental change, and try to inch our way over that wall and toward a better future. Or we can be bold and knock it down. …

“This is going to be the fight of our lives. I know because I’ve spent my whole life fighting the powerful on behalf of hard-working people, and I can tell you this: they are not going to give up their power easily. But I can also tell you this: if you fight them – and you are right – you can win.

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

And even more telling, others are noticing Edwards as well, overseas.

John Edwards has pushed issues of poverty – homelessness, hunger, lack of health insurance, lack of worker rights, the decimation of America’s trade union movement – back into the forefront of the American political debate. Even if Edwards fails in his quest for the presidential nomination, his contribution has been extraordinary. So, how about the candidate making a second job promise: John Edwards ought to be declared Labour Secretary-designate. It would piss off corporate America to no end, but it would be a brave choice and would give working Americans a powerful reason to go to the polls come Election Day. In such a role, Edwards could end up being as powerful a voice for reform as was FDR’s labour secretary Frances Perkins during the New Deal years.

We’re a long way from November, but I’d love to see a Democratic ticket with not just strong presidential and vice-presidential candidates, but Anderson and Edwards also in the wings. That would be a slate seriously worth voting for.
Guardian UK

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the first 25 days of this quarter, the campaign has raised more online than the whole 4th quarter – the vast majority of which will be doubled by federal matching funds.

Do you want to help keep John fighting? Donate to his campaign!


  1. While John Edwards does not have the money of the corporate elite, nor the attention of the main stream media which is controlled by the corporate eleit; Johne Edwards does speak for the “people” in this contest. Obama and Clintion are simply more of the same.

    Obama is promoting “Change we can believe in.” Hillary is promoting that she is “Ready for Change”.

    John Edwards on the other hand is the candidate who is actually for “Real Change, Right Now!” John is fighting for the voice of the middle class. He is calling for the end of corporate control of America. With John Edwards, our voices will be heard over the voices of the corporate elite.

    We are not selecting a prom king or queen. We are selecting or party nominee to challenge the Republicans for control of the Presidency and the Executive Branch of our government. Hillary will rally the right-wing-nut base; Barack Obama, will face the challenge of experience and willingness to vote on tough issues, not to mention the racists who will come out of the woodwork to promote racial hatred. John Edwards will rally the people, all the people, to fight for real change right now.

  2. I like John Edwards good guy, couldn’t even carry his home state in 2004, hasn’t won anything in 2008. Stop it with the Kool Aid, he is done and a vote for him only helps Hlllary win California. No more Kool Aid, Iowa and South Carolina were must wins. He lost both times!

  3. “Put Down the Kool Aid Heather!”

    And this is helpful how? It’s so much more complicated than how you make it seem. But thanks for the advice.

    Right now it’s not about winning for me, it’s about the fact that he’s speaking about important issues to this Country that affect a lot more people than Bush’s tax breaks.

    How he could beat two celebrity candidates with 100 million a piece is beyond me. People spoke to Souther Carolina voters while phone banking that didn’t know he was STILL RUNNING.

    It’s the media, it’s the money and it’s the horse race. Please don’t continue to be part of the problem by pushing completely false memes. He didn’t carry his state because he was not the Presidential candidate, he was the VP, people don’t vote for VP’s, especially when they have a Presidential candidate that ran such a poor campaign and refused to fight back. And, Edwards won his Senate seat in a red state and the 2004 primary. He didn’t win this time for very good reasons that I would rather not elaborate on because you probably wouldn’t even consider it valid.

    And they’ve shown that a vote for Edwards is actually a vote for Edwards. He’s not helping Clinton, in fact, he’s helping Obama. So that’s a fallacy as well.

  4. Art, I want to share something with you that I think is important.

    How can you say he’s lost? Is it not clear how many people haven’t voted yet? I’m so tired of this. Bill Clinton didn’t win a state until the 8th state. This is just a bullying tactic and I won’t be out until Edwards says he is out. I sincerely believe that if he thought he was hurting the people he is fighting to help then he would get out of the race.

    And this is exactly why we have this process, it’s about letting the whole party be heard.

  5. I am always suspicious when people urge candidates to withdraw from a presidential race. They are almost always thinking that it will benefit their own candidate.

    Edwards is raising some important issues, is still able to raise money and hopefully can keep the other two on track about November—and not about the lobbyists, the “present” voting or other insider issues. His chances may be slim but they are not none.

    Let Edwards speak!

  6. I love you John Edwards!!!!
    I already cast my ballot in early voting for John Edwards. No more sound bites and rock star candidates. John Edwards is the real deal.

  7. Bladerunner,

    Perhaps I am just sick and tired of rich white lawyers being trumpeted as saviors by some within the Democratic Party.

    It cracks me up to hear Edwards talking about the poor. What in the world does he know about the poor, at this point? The guy lives in a mansion, he spends hundreds of dollars on his haircuts, and he is OUT OF TOUCH with the poor.

    It is evident that the voters just aren’t buying the spin that you and Heather appear to be so engrossed by. Edwards is dying on the vine. He really needs to move on, get out of the way, and do something useful, such as endorse Obama.

    It is exciting to me, and obviously to a great many voters, to see a minority actually have a chance to win the presidential nomination of one of our two major parties. The Democrats are supposed to be THE party for minority voters. Well, it’s time to take that to heart and say adios to Edwards. And adios to Hillary while we’re at it.

    Edwards already had a shot at this before. He has nothing new to say that will change my mind. Just watch. He is really going to sink in Florida. I doubt he will get 15 percent of the vote. Why even bother? He can do us all a tremendous favor by quitting while he is behind.

  8. What is more complicated than 0 for 4 and lossing ground not gaining?
    His righteous stances are all well and good but politics is about winning.
    You, Chris, and George Urch can talk about how so many people haven’t had a say, but they are speaking and you are not listening. The money primary and the key states of Iowa and S. Carolina spoke loudly. This Election was going to come down to Hillary and the anti-Hillary person (either Obama or Edwards) So if you want to Kool Aide your way into hoping for some sort spoiler or kingmaker role in the convention so be it, but you will have to share the blame for disaster that is a McCain/Hillary race. Get on the Obama bandwagon before it is too late.

  9. Rich white lawyer? Really? This is what is driving me crazy. What does that have to do with the best person? I’m not anti-Obama and I’m tired of people arguing the most flawed and illogical things to try to convince Edwards supporters to jump ship.

    You are the one arguing emotion over logic and attempting to bully and guilt people into voting elsewhere.

    All three candidates are lawyers. And, to think I would not vote for somebody because they’re white? I guess you supported Jesse Jackson when he ran? I mean if it’s all about the color of one’s skin? It’s also more to do with MONEY and the influence that it has in Washington, Obama has been following John’s lead with this by shunning lobbyists and PAC money when he ANNOUNCED, he took plenty of that money when he ran in 2004 and after up until he said he would run.

    The comments he’s made have made me question his progressive platform. He says everything right in his speeches (which he does not WRITE, a 26 white guy does that, what about that?) but he doesn’t do well on his feet. He has to explain himself when he speaks at times because he makes a lot of assumptions when he does state his case.

    And then there is the issue of Rezko. Obama got his start in politics because of Rezko, he funded his early races and although he didn’t work on any of his cases, he took plenty of the money Rezko helped him raise. And then there is the house he bought for a lot less than what it was worth. This has not fully been vetted and when you have a candidate that says he’s above the politics of usual you wonder how the right is going to use this against him.

    As for Clinton, that’s a dynasty to me, I really don’t want anymore Clintons, but John did not lose the Presidential race. He won his debate with Cheney although that has been spun into something else.

    It’s not about doing you a favor, it’s not about you at all.

    All our candidates have FLAWS. Obama touts his speech in 2002 and how he opposed the war, but he said that he doesn’t know how he would have voted. He also has voted the same way Clinton has to fund the war. He missed the Kyl-Lieberman vote. He’s got Rezko, Reagan comments (which I get what he was trying to say he just did it so poorly. He should be proud to be a Democrat, not just act like he’s holding his nose at time).

    Hillary is Hillary, she has Bill, she has her unfavorability. She has people like you who think she’s the devil and anything but Hillary.

    Edwards has a four hundred dollar haircut which is so high because the cost of travel and it was repaid to the campaign. He’s got a big house, one house, that was the dream house of his wife, so he let her build it. It’s energy star rated, it’s their one home. It’s his money, he earned it himself rather (yes, how dare he be a trial lawyer and sue large corporations and doctors. Yes, I know, but he’s not the reason for the high rate of c-sections. He took on very hard cases that no one would touch.) Oh and then there is that Hedge fund, the one he divested himself of and then set up a fund to help those in New Orleans who might have lost their homes. No one wants to report that. He doesn’t brag about the time he spent in Africa learning about global poverty, he doesn’t tout the time he’s spent in New Orleans helping to rebuild (Yes, he was right when he said we needed a surge in New Orleans not Iraq).

    And the media has shunned him. They are enamored of this historic race and they are not reporting, they haven’t since over a year ago, it’s about a historic race not who is running. Dodd, Biden and Richardson also suffered from the same fate and they were and are all GOOD CANDIDATES, much better than anything the Republicans are offering up to their party. I’m shocked Edwards has done as well as he has with no media coverage. My mother had to ask if he was still in the race a couple of weeks ago because no one is talking about him.

    When he came in second in Iowa, it wasn’t about him beating Hillary it was about Hillary coming in third.

    I could go on and on, but your argument is so flawed. Why not talk about WHY I SHOULD VOTE FOR OBAMA, rather than why I shouldn’t vote for Edwards.

  10. Heather,

    You should vote for Obama as he is the only one who has a chance to stop Hillary. Billary will divide the party and the country. Obama will transcend that traditional paradigm. A vote for Edwards while a vote of conviction is a wasted vote. He has neither the money nor the support to compete on SuperTuesday. I feel that Hillary will hurt down ticket Dems this fall and Obama polls just as well as Edwards with Independents. Ralph Nader’s folks drowned us in 2000, out of principle, but look what that got us. Voting for Edwards will give us Hillary who could very well lose to McCain.

  11. “Billary will divide the country.”

    Who are you kidding. The hate mongers on the right are the ones that divided the country. Trying to blame it on the Clinton’s is not only untrue, but disgusting.

  12. Democrats inside and outside the Clinton campaign on Sunday debated and in some cases bemoaned the degree to which former President Bill Clinton’s criticism of Senator Barack Obama last week had inflicted lasting damage on his wife’s presidential candidacy.
    “I think his harsh style hurt Senator Clinton — it polarized the campaign and polarized the electorate, and it also made it harder for Senator Clinton’s positive message to break through,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic strategist and pollster who is not affiliated with any of the candidates.

    Sean here is your answer. The Clintons are killing us.

  13. Now that some years have passed since he ran for president, no one talks about how Bobby Kennedy was a rich, white lawyer. Today, people don’t question his motives. People don’t question his sincerity. They remember and praise his dedication to ideals that represented a better America for the less fortunate, the displaced, the forgotten, the downtrodden. His constituency wasn’t the Beacon Hill matrons around whose parlors he grew up. It was poor people and people of color. Today, people don’t question his “connection” to them.

    The only ones questioning Kennedy’s motives or sincerity were white people who were either rich or insecure about a future enriched by diversity and tolerance. Much was made of it at the time by the MSM, basically the only game in town then, but real people weren’t buying it.

    Back to the point. To be clear, I am not comparing Edwards with Kennedy. I’m not prepared to do that. What I am saying is that the question of sincerity of ideals or connection to constituency is as inappropriate today as it was in 1968.

  14. To Put down the koolaid Heather: I would rather have the Koolaid from John Edwards than the cyanide from Obama and Clinton.

    To Art Pedroza: You are delusional – The MSM is telling me that I must vote for Hillary – it’s the older Women thing – you just best be hoping more don’t jump from Edwards as most of all the ones I know will go directly to the sure thing and that is Hillary – Remember since you have joined with the MSM historical value candidate Obama, that I will have to vote for Hillary – historically speaking you know – The main stream media told me so. Also your very ignorance is showing with the reference to “White” – leave race out of it – oh yea I forgot – it was Edwards who openly and more than one time told people that if they didn’t want to vote for a woman or a minority then not to vote for him, he didn’t want their vote. But, yet the candidate who you are screaming for has yet to tell anyone not to vote for him because of Race or Gender. It shows again that Edwards is the real choice and Obama is about all he can get, regardless of race or not.

    To Oh Yeah! Hey Koolaid! – You have been so fooled or your chose to be stupid. About winning – this is the Presidency of the USA, and those with real concerns would vote for the best person for the job, the original voice, the candidate that has set the entire agenda, the candidate that both Obama and Clinton have had to follow from the get go and that is John Edwards. Those who have foolishly followed where the hype and money have led them doesn’t equate to the best choice if those who are choosing are doing if for the Wrong Reasons, Uninformed Reasons, or just because in the case of the Youth “YES WE CAN” screaming at you.

    To: Obama gets Ted Kennedy’s Nod: well now doesn’t that just surprise you, Kennedy is still in the Congress, if he wants to pass any bills he has to make peace with all the are twisters that want a one party bi-partisan congress. Oh yea – lets give the Republicans what they want for another 4 years “called a do nothing democratic congress or a give to the republicans in concessions congress” just for the sake of getting something done the Obama way. Yea right ! Hope you like the Republican way because that is Obama’s way – too bad he didn’t have the courage to run on the real ticket he is inline with. He seems real bold and brave to run on a democratic ticket while parading and pandering to republicans, makes since to run on the democratic ticket even though you are republican in views when you know you can’t get elected on a republican ticket. Yet he gets all the dump democrats lauding him as the Change candidate. Yea Koolaide with cyanide in it. I guess what you don’t know won’t hurt you huh.

    To From Time: Oh how is that – please – what happened in SC also like Iowa many republicans helped in the Obama numbers, I am so glad that real democrats are so thrilled that the leader in delegates right now, was chosen by the help of begging republicans to cross over for him? Don’t know about you – but shows 2 things, one – the republicans are choosing the democratic nominee and number two – shows exactly which candidate is the safest for them to vote for by being more inline with their republican views.

  15. Rather than spending precious time arguing here about with others whose minds are made up, I’d suggest that supporters of ANY Democratic candidate spend their spare time in the next 9 days extolling the virtues of their candidate to TRULY undecided voters or finding supporters who don’t vote in every election and make sure they vote this time.

  16. Bill – Thank you for your even handed response. Personally, my dream ticket would be Edwards/Obama. I know they could get so much done and Obama could run in 2016 as the experience candidate.

    Another thing about Bobby, he ran of a platform very different from his past views. He “flip flopped” and it’s unfortunate that this is considered a bad thing rather than a positive step by our politicians to grow and learn just as human beings should.

    Politics has become so antithetical to how human nature is that it’s impossible to meet all these standards that are set. And people why no one wants to run for office. I can’t wait for the day where the Government is once again something that is good and honest, not something to be feared.

    I watched Sicko last night and it literally broke my heart. We are better than this and it would be nice that our Government started to fear us, the people. Imagine a day where not everyone but the top 1% wasn’t living their life in debt and fear? Imagine.

    Thanks again Bill.

  17. Bladerunner,

    I was listening to Bill Handel on the way to work today and he had a different take. Perhaps we need Edwards to stay in so the white vote stays divided. That puts Obama in the catbird seat.

    So go Edwards! Keep splitting the vote. If that will bring Hillary down, then I hope he stays in.

    BTW, Bill Clinton injected race into the South Carolina race. And Hillary paid for it.

    I have NEVER supported a Democrat for President. But I am now. If more independents do the same, Obama will do quite well on Super Tuesday.

  18. Art – I’m just tired of people saying he should get out. I won’t berate you for supporting Obama, but I have a right to support a vaiable Democratic Candidate. He’s viable to me and he’s important. Not that he’s splitting any vote but that he’s pushing the right issues.

    And you sell Obama short, he’s done fine with white voters, have a little more faith in humanity than that.

  19. Heather,

    After working in politics for well over ten years, I have retained faith in humanity, but not in political parties. I believe Obama will transcend his party, as its presidential candidate, and attract independent voters that will put him over the top. I cannot say that about Edwards or Clinton.

  20. Art,

    I sincerely believe that Edwards message of bringing the Government back into control of the people and not the corporations will resonate over party lines. It’s something that most people in this country can understand if framed properly. We’ve bought into the idea that Corporations are what make this country work, it’s the other way around.

    It’s just time that the Governemt was afraid of us for a while rather than the other way around. I think that’s what the founding fathers wanted.

    John Edwards can unite as well, just in a different way from Obama.

  21. You want to stop Hillary? Vote for Edwards.
    The polls show that the Dems have one of two choices:
    1) Have Obama or Clinton win the Dem primary
    2) Have a Dem President in November (Edwards).

    Not only is he the best Dem candidate, he is also the best to be the Rep opposition.

  22. TLC – That’s part of the problem, in the last two match ups against Republicans, CNN did not even include Edwards in those polls. They’ve already written him off and as far as I know. he’s still in the race.

  23. Better late to the party than never, I suppose. I’m going to second Heather and Chris here. There may be reasons to support a different candidate but I have found them yet. With Edwards, I know what he wants to do once elected, I know what issues are important to him, I know who he will be working for (no money from Washington lobbyists and PACs means he’ll be working for you and me!), and I know what his vision is for the future. How? Because instead of lofty oratory or references to “experience”, he’s told us. He’s laid out his policies, plans, and vision very clearly and very specifically. I know what he’s promised and what he expects to be held accountable for.

    And yes, I agree with him. To those who have been writing him off since before the first person entered a caucus room in Iowa (and that includes most of the national media), I can only say “pfft.” To those writing him off now because they’re more interested in winning than electing the best person, well, I have the same response “pfft.”

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