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2007’s Final Open Forum: What Do YOU Think About This Past Year?

OK, so now you know some of our favorite things of 2007What have been YOUR favorite things this year? In this final Liberal OC Open Forum of 2007, we want to ask what you think about 2007.

Who’s been your favorite local scandalicious Republican? Who’s been your favorite fighting Democrat? Do you think the Battle of Bolsa Chica has been the big environmental story of the year, or were you too busy trying to save Trestles and stop the 241 from making havoc in San Onofre? Will 2007 be remembered as the year Anaheim finally gave Disney a challenge over the SunCal housing project, or as the year Santa Ana fell back into political turmoil over the “Renaissance Plan”? Will 2007 be remembered for Janet Nguyen’s many missteps in Central County, or for Diane Harkey rocking South County politics with her controversial actions?

I want to hear what you have to say. Why will you be remembering 2007? Which OC politicos have made the biggest impact, positive and/or negative, on local politics? And which newsmakers in 2007 will become the big stories of 2008?

Remember: This is YOUR open forum. Now that we’ve given you our thoughts on this past year, we want to hear your thoughts. So come on now, you know what to do!

Go ahead. Make my day. Have your say! 🙂


  1. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt December 31, 2007

    While I am not really sure of the significance, it is nice to close out the year as the #1 Most Influential Blog according to the BNN Influence ranking for the last week of 2007.

    We’re number 1, we’re number 1, we’re number 1!!!

    We’re number… Whatever.

  2. jose s. jose s. December 31, 2007

    my favorite story of the year hands down was the arrest of mike carona. it was about time. my only question is will he pray before every jail meal? i hear he likes that sort of thing.

  3. Paul Lucas Paul Lucas December 31, 2007

    My favorite story has to be a tie between carona being indicted and Chris Street causing Moorlach to do some backpeddling. But there have been som may it is very difficult to chose my top. i think I will do a top 10 or five after i do some digging in the archives.

  4. Jim Moreno Jim Moreno December 31, 2007

    This year’s greatest story and event, aside from all the arrests of crooked Republicans and the continued haranging of local politics, was the report right after our OC Democratic annual Truman awards dinner. It was reported that over 1,100 people paid good money to attend one of the best events to show Democratic unity in the O.C. That alone is the signal we needed to get out. Thank you DPOC staff and leadership for this wonderful evening. Now on to the DPOC Convention taking place just a few days before the February 5, 2008 Presidential Primary. OC Dems have an opportunity to break another record and make the convention a great success. Work hard for your Democratic Candidate and let’s take back the White House and our Country.
    Jim Moreno

  5. Paul Lucas Paul Lucas January 1, 2008

    Jim moreno. You have correcte dme sir. That story would place in the top five in my list. That was a spectacular story my frined. And Im looking forward to another on this year as well.

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