Mud Bath?

(CNN) — Trying to establish herself in the minds of voters as the more experienced candidate and facing a shrinking lead in New Hampshire, Sen. Hillary Clinton took a sharp dig Tuesday at her closest Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

Clinton zeroed in on Obama’s remark that his “strongest” foreign policy experience came from living in Indonesia as a child.

“Now voters will judge whether living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges the next president will face,” Clinton said in a speech to an audience in Iowa.

“I think we need a president with more experience that that — someone the rest of the world knows, looks up to and has confidence in.”

I saw this and have to ask…

Is Hillary slinging mud here?

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  1. I have mixed feelings about this one, my gut reaction was not good, but Obama does bring this up and it’s fair game for Hillary. I do believe it’s important to point out that he’s lived elsewhere, foreign lands influence one’s sense of self and the world, but at the same time, is it enough to prove he’s got enough experience in foreign policy?

    No President handles foreign policy on their own, they have a team of advisers to rely on and personally, I don’t think that either of them have any more experience with foreign policy. If Hillary is going to use her time as first lady to plump her resume than she also has to take the hits that come from her husband’s tenure as President.

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