Carona Indictment Barely Registers at Flash Report

While most of the OC Media is all over the Carona Federal indictment story, over at the Flash Report, the newsbarely registers a blip.  And it carries a qualifier from someone that its not official and the LA Times story was based on a secret source.

LAT: O.C. Sheriff Carona indicted

The LA Times is reporting this based on a secret source. So far nothing has come out publicly.

Stay tuned to the predictable “I know Mike Carona.  He’s a good, honest and decent man….” from Jon Fleischman, a former Carona employee. 

This case will obviously take a while to be resolved; it damages Carona’s endorsement appeal with the GOP and hurts the OC GOP on a number of fronts.  I wonder how many OC GOP leaders, official or unofficial, who might have been aware of the activities the Sherriff has been indicted for?

It must also be rewarding for those reporters and editors at OC Weekly who have been reporting on Carona’s activities for years to see their work validated by the indictment.

An Update at 5PM

Jon managed to add a story about Senator Tom McClintock’s endorsement of Fred Thompson at 3:15 PM but no further news on Carona’s indictment.  I’d say he’;s in denial but Jon has a better excuse; The OCBJ is reporting that Jon and his wife Maureen welcomed a baby boy into the world this month, so I’m sure its a lack of sleep affecting news judgement.

We at congratulate the Fleischman Family on their new arrival and, with all newborn sons, a bit of advice; the first time the kid pees on you, it’s not an accident.  It’s foreshadowing.


  1. Gustavo, you’re entirely welcome, but your paper can be proud of the sort of investigative journalism you all do. And Scott already knows I’m a fan.

  2. Given how often Jon accompanied Carona to events and meetings, Jon might just be wanting to fly under the radar and avoid any scrutiny from federal prosecutors.

    Just speculation of course.

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