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Santiago Fire UPDATE, New Evacuation Warnings, & News on Other SoCal Fires

“Fires can only be put out when Mother Nature allows them to be put out,” said Steve Borchard of the California Desert District Manager for the Bureau of Land Management. “Humans don’t have the capability to put it out in these kind of conditions.” 

Here’s the latest on the Santiago Fire, courtesy of The Register. Overnight, the fire switched directions… TWICE. First, it moved back south to threaten Lake Forest again after shifting north. Then the fire shifted north once again, and now Williams, Silverado, and Modjeska Canyons are at risk. Mandatory evacuations for these areas have been underway since 1:30 AM, and voluntary evacuations are still underway in Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills. Evacuation sites are now open at El Toro High School in Lake Forest (which is nearing full capacity), and at El Modena High School in Orange (still plenty of room here). All Laguna Beach schools are closed, as well as Foothill Ranch and Portola Hills Elementary Schools in Lake Forest.

If you’re looking for more information on the Santiago Fire, as well as all the other area wildfires, please visit this page on Daily Kos and/or this page on Caliticsfor the latest on all the wildfires in California. Also, if you’re in Lake Forest or the Canyons, you can call (714) 628-7085 for the latest info on evacuations, road closures, and other news on the fire. As of this morning, there are 10 major fires burning in 7 counties. One person has died in San Diego County due to one of the wildfires there, and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed.

Our hopes and prayers remain with everyone affected by these fires, and we wish the best for all the hardworking firefighters who are trying to put out the flames.