Thought-Provoking Documentary on Gays and the Church Now Showing in Irvine

While conservatives own talk radio, liberals own documentaries and in Irvine, we’re fortunate to have theater owners recognize there is an audience for this medium.  

For the tolerance crowd, Irvine has some wonderful options for seeing thought provoking documentaries.   IN Woodbridge, the Edwards Westpark 8 has joined the University Cinema in showing documentaries, independent films and international films.  Today, at the Westpark 8, you can see the documentary, “FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO.” Showtimes Sunday through Thursday at 12:50, 3:30, 7:10 and 9:30.Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Seattle International Film Festival, Dan Karslake’s documentary reconciles homosexuality and Biblical scripture, and in the process reveals that Church- sanctioned anti-gay bias is based on, what he says, is a significant misinterpretation of the Bible.

Through the experiences of five very normal, very Christian, very American families — including those of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt and Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson — we discover how insightful people of faith handle the realization of having a gay child. Informed by such respected voices as Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard’s Peter Gomes, Orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg and Reverend Jimmy Creech.

Since my wife is way out of town on business until Thanksgiving, I hope readers will chime in with their thoughts on this documentary; perhaps it will be released on DVD.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this film. I came across your post after I had posted a diary with some thoughts, so I’ll just direct you there.

    Yes, it will be coming out on DVD, though to me, no one should wait for that if they’re fortunate to have a local venue showing it. When theaters realize revenue on these types of films, they’ll show them more.

    Though it may seem to be “preaching to the choir”, I would encourage any one to see this with an open mind and think about these families.

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