A Two-Fer

A rare two-fer from the Flash Report today in regards to the State Senate’s passage of a measure to support a withdrawl from Iraq.

Jon Fleischman writes:  We’ve all read about the recent passage by Democrats of this bill to place a ‘straw poll’ vote on the February ballot on whether Californian’s support the war in Iraq.  Well, it doesn’t take much thought to understand that this measure authored by Democrat Senate President Don Perata is a cynical plot to drive up liberal turnout for the election on which the Perata/Nunez Career Politician Term Limits Weakening Initiative will appear.

How Rovian of the Democrats in California.  A cynical plot to bring out the base?  Mmmm.  Republicans would *never* resort to placing wedge issues on the ballot to turn out the base.  Perhaps we can muster up another No Gay Marriage proposition or Amnesty for illegal aliens proposition to turn out conservative voters again. 

And then Jon writes this nugget:  To this we say that our nation’s foreign policy, and the lives of American soldiers should not be chits in political maneuvers surrounding legislative negotiations over anything, period.

But making soldiers chits for anything else political by the Bush Administration is perfectly OK.  Even if you have to photoshop the troops in.  Honestly, Jon should stick to ghostwriting fake memos to Democratic politicians from their consultants as he does on his site.

Most Californians and Americans are against this war and want out.  The measure passed by the Senate is simply a reflection of our representative democracy at work.  California still is a very blue state afterall.  I am reminded about the vast number of Iraq war vets who ran for Congress in 2006 as Democrats.  Republicans do not have that upper hand when it comes to support for the troops.  And you can support the troops without supporting the war.