Harald Martin Debuts at AUHSD Board Meeting Tonight

Due to popular demand, I’m bringing this up for all of you to enjoy. The Register has a story up on what will be the first meeting of the Anaheim Union High School Board since Harald Martin has been appointed. Believe it or not, that will actually be tonight.

Already, Martin is on the defense. He claims that because his parents brought him here from Austria when he was two years old, that he can understand immigrants’ issues. He’s saying that people are misjudging him and his record. Oh yes, and he says he’s well-qualified to be on the board.

Nonsense. If all that is true, then why did try to force Mexico to “pay for the education of Mexican kids”. Why did he justify the sexual assault of a young girl? And why does he associate himself with such wacko anti-immigrant nutjobs like Barbara Coe? He wasn’t elected to the school board in the first place, so why should he be allowed to serve on the board at all?

If you’re in Anaheim and you care about the quality of the kids’ education in Anaheim, then you should go at 6:00 PM. Tell the other school board trustees why you are upset with their decision to appoint this crazy man to the board. And please, please let us know what happened afterward. We’ll do our best to follow this story here at The Liberal OC.

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  1. Why doesn’t anybody mention the whole school bond mess? This was Harald’s baby, and he was at the helm as HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of taxpayer’s dollars were wasted. This alone should preclude him from any public office.
    Harald wants people to concentrate on the “racist” issue, because this is easier to defend, and is still a polarizing issue in OC politics.
    What Harald can’t defend is the wasting of about 300million dollars. This is not a political or partisan issue. This man was voted off the board for a reason.

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