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Hypocritical Post of the Day

I almost fell out of my chair.

This sentence led a post by Jon Flesichman on the Flash Report

What is it with those in power, that have them totally unwilling to pass the baton so that others may have their opportunity to participate in the process?

For the record, I think we already have term limits in this country.  They are called elections.  You know, like last November when the American people flipped the House and Senate back to blue. 

But for a guy who keeps pushing for a return of House and Senate majorities for the Republicans to make this statement about State Senate and Assembly Democrats is just hypocritical.

Why is it Republicans feel a permanent majority is their divine right.  Didn’t the whole one-party rule thing fail miserably in the USSR?  Would it be better is both parties could actually work together, perhaps compromise from time to time, on solutions that help the people of this state?  And by that, I mean everyone and not just those with an R next to their voter registration forms.


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  1. RHackett RHackett July 11, 2007

    Fleischman continues to prove he lives in a parallel universe that is devoid of reality.

    Last election he was crowing about gains by Repubs. In reality they kept the same number of positions of CA exec offices and CA legislative offices. But lost a congressional seat. In Jon’s mind that was a gain.

    His defense of Doolittle only tells me Doolittle better have a good defense attorney.

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