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What’s Up Lou?

Senator Lou CorreaI just learned that Senator Lou Correa voted against Senator Sheila Kuehl’s Single-payer health care coverage legislation SB840. 

According to the legislative analysis SB840 would establish the California Universal Healthcare System under which all California residents will be eligible for specified health care benefits.  The universal system will, on a single payer basis, negotiate for or set fees for health care services provided through the system and pay all claims for those services.  The bill establishes a new administrative structure and provide for oversight of health care operations statewide.

CaduceusBy 2015, health care spending under the single payer program will be approximately $68.9 billion less than currently projected ($343.6 billion).  Total savings over the 2006 through 2015 period will be $343.6 million. Savings to state and local governments over this ten year period will be approximately $43.8 billion. Click HERE for the legislative analysis of SB840.

So Lou, enquiring minds want to know:

  • What’s wrong with addressing the needs of all Californians for affordable healthcare? 
  • What’s wrong with saving the tax payers billions of dollars in health care costs?
  • Please tell us, why did you vote the way you did?

The legislative analysis has almost five pages of supporters listed, and less than one page of opponents.  I did notice that a number of the opponents heavily contributed to Correa’s primary and general election campaigns. 

The opponents state that costs associated with this bill would create an expensive labyrinth of bureaucracy, and that competition among private companies leads to lower costs and better care. Opponents assert that a socialized state-run health care system would eliminate these companies, thereby forcing people to rely upon the state to take care of their health needs, and limiting medical advances because of decreased competition.

I would hope that Lou’s explanation differs at least a little bit from the opposition talking points. Since I already know that Senator Correa will not answer my request for an explanation, maybe a few of his constituents can get one out of him.

If you live in Senator Correa’s 34th Senate District, give his Capitol office a call at (916) 651-4034 and see if you can get an answer. If you do get an answer, please let us know.

UPDATE: Senator Correa Responds

Senator Correa Withholds Votes on Healthcare Bills Until Patient Care and Cost Issues Are Addressed
Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sacramento – Senator Lou Correa (D – Santa Ana) Agreeing that healthcare reform is needed in California, and remains one of the most important issues facing us today, Senator Correa voted no on Senate Bill 840, the single payer health care proposal.  In casting his vote, the Senator stated that “the issue should be cost, and not about whose position is politically correct.  Until the final proposal is before me to review, I shall not put the futures of my constituents at jeopardy.”

Senator Correa has demonstrated his past support for expanded care by voting for Senate Bill 2 in his last year in the Assembly, which did significantly provide medical coverage for many Californians.  As a County Supervisor, Senator Correa was successful in initiating the Orange County Children’s Healthcare initiative, bringing vital medical health care to thousands of children in Orange County.

In closing, the Senator said he fully expected to see the measure once again before him for a vote and was looking forward to reviewing the final language of the finished product.




  1. J. Scribner J. Scribner June 18, 2007

    Response on healthcare issues posted on the Senate website.

  2. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | June 18, 2007

    John Scribner (Senator Correa’s Chief of Staff) for the quick response. And thanks Claugio for the link.

    I’m not exactly sure what Senator Correa is refering to in his statement, but I will post it in the main post when I get home tonight. I am glad that Senator Correa released thew statementrt thwe day he voted, and I apologize for not seeing that he did.

    I hope our good Senator will find a way to vote for the legislation when it comes by him again. I know he has been an advocate for children’s health care, and I hope that support will transition to support for health care for everyone in California.

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