The Flash Report: The Republican Responsibility to Save the World

Oh. My. God.

This piece in today’s Flash Report says its the Republican’s responsibility to save the world.

Jill BuckJill Buck is a Bay area contributor to the Flash Report; and this article is her endorsement of a John McCain presidency in the 2008 elections.

My comments to her core paragraph in bold.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Democratic primary voters will not use the “who-is-best-suited-to-vanquish-our-most-dangerous-enemy-to-date” measuring stick to choose their nominee to lead the free world through the crisis of warring ideals. (that’s Fear she’s selling; whatever happened to the hopeful optimism of Ronald Reagan?)  If they were, you’d only hear crickets at Obama rallies, because he’s no more prepared to be leader of the free world than my 10 year old is to be in the NHL…(Like George W. Bush is or was?) maybe someday, on both accounts, but not for many years (why do you fear Obama so?). Democrats are looking for a presidential candidate who will attend to all their unresolved childhood issues: someone to take care of me when I’m sick (universal health care options are good ideas); someone who will make sure I always get an allowance even if I don’t do my chores (you mean like Halliburton? Or those private contractors at Walter Reed?); someone who will write a note to the teacher about my bullies so I don’t have to deal with it directly (You mean like when Clinton helped stop geocide in Bosnia and we didn’t lose a single soldier?); someone who will blame the school board (not me) when I get D’s on my report card (that’s what you get for changing the definition of science); and most importantly, someone who will encourage and reward my arrested development in rebellious adolescent years, and let me act like a bratty teenager my whole life (you must mean the way the Republicans have allowed George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to trample the Constitution, revoke constutitional protections of privacy and habeas corpus and invade nations that didn’t attack us, all while rewarding their cronies in the defense and energy industries?). They want a candidate that doesn’t make them feel bad for their worst, most cowardly character traits (Jill, I’d say “Dick Cheney” to you for calling those of us on the left cowards; Sen. Webb wears his son’s combat boots. Where are Barbara and Jenna Bush on the battlefield? And by the way, what branch of themiltary will your 10 year old serve in in 2015?). And if they succeed in electing their ideal candidate…the world will go up in flames around us (global warming is a problem, but no, it won’t go up in flames), Republicanas we tend to matters inside our own house as though the riot in the street just outside won’t affect us if we simply lock the door.

So it is up to Republicans to ensure we choose a nominee with the character traits, experience and background to lead our nation through what may possibly be the most profound challenge to our way of life that our young country has ever faced.  Because they did such a great job of it in 2004.


  1. Well, actually I am looking for someone who can vanquish our most dangerous enemy, but perhaps I define it differently.

    The enemy we must defeat is the one that has fanned the flames of terrorism worldwide by playing into hands of Iranian jihadists, devastated our army and our military preparedness, sent our children to bleed out in the desert in a war based on lies and conducted without planning for the consequences, defiled our constitution, lied, and made obscene profits doing it.

    We have never had a greater enemy to this country than the modern Republican party under George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the peole like this Jill Buck who continue to support them.

  2. Great article. I enjoyed reading it.

    I think we need to know what our candidates stand for on the issues as well so I created a site to track presidential candidates and the first article is always the current scorecard of their political stances. Check it out.

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