Stand up for OCTA Workers


The OCTA Operators’ union has said that a strike may be on the horizon. In the past three years they have received a 13 percent increase in wages and benefits, and they do not believe that 13 percent matches the projected living standards.

I received this email from the Orange County Young Democrats:

The Orange County Transportation Authority Operators are in a major contract fight with the County. The County will not give the operators raises or benefits to keep pace with the rising cost of living in Orange County. They have asked for respect, but have been denied. The operators were planning to go on strike, but the Governor intervened and got a, “cooling off period,” declared by the courts. This court action averted the strike for 60 days while the County and the OCTA operators try to come to a solution. In order for the working people of OCTA to get the solution they deserve, they need your help.

We are asking OCYD members to call the OCTA Board and Demand that OCTA Operators be given the respect and dignity that they deserve. The OCTA Operators deserve a raise that keeps up with the rising cost of living in Orange County. They serve a valuable function in our society, and we should show our appreciation.

Board Members:

Janet Nguyen      714-834-3110
John Moorlach     714-834-3220
Bill Campbell      714-834-3330
Chris Norby        714-834-3440
Patty Bates         714-834-3550
Mark Rosen         714-741-5104
Allan Mansoor      714-754-5000
Carolyn Cavecche 714-744-2211
Art Brown            714-562-3760
Richard Dixon      949-461-3400
Miguel Pulido       714-647-6900
Cathy Green       714-536-5553
Jerry Amante      714-573-3000
Curt Pringle         714-765-5100
Paul Glabb          949-362-4300

To read more about the dispute, go to the Orange County Register’s story here.

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