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Drinking Liberally Orange County

If you pick up the March issue of BLADE magazine, there is an article by Jackie Joice about the Orange County chapter of Drinking Liberally. From Jackie’s piece:

“I believe that this area is in need of an oasis for liberals,” Lawson said. Although the title of the organization suggests a platform for liberals, everyone of all backgrounds is welcome to engage in progressive debate and exchange over a beer or alcoholic beverage of one’s choice. Lawson also adds that no one should feel pressured to drink alcohol and there are individuals under the age of 21 who attend the gatherings.

Lawson launched the Santa Ana chapter in August, 2006, and it meets every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at Memphis Bar in downtown Santa Ana. he also states that the meetings are very “informal” and vary in length.

Drinking Liberally should be applauded for its efforts at fostering progressive dialogue through social events. It’s a furtive attempt to get people away from the computers, off their cell phones and Blackberries and to sharpen their interpersonal skills. No one should argue that we definitely could use quite a bit more dialogue as we sink deeper and deeper into our growing political quagmire.

So I guess that now is a good time to remind you that Drinking Liberally meets every Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at Memphis Bar & Grill in downtown Santa Ana. For more information go to:

This Thursday you can attend the Orange County Young Democrats meeting prior to Drinking Liberally; the OCYD meeting starts at 7 p.m. and is within walking distance of Memphis.

  1. Publius Publius March 6, 2007

    We hope it’s soon, Mike!
    Perhaps this write-up in the Blade will draw more of the John Edwards-types.
    One can hope! 🙂

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