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WARNING: This post contains a nerdy explanation

You may have noticed that the look of our website is a little different.

Yesterday I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and we are still working a few kinks out. In the past week we’ve had so many problems with the Blogger service that we decided that we’d be better off running independently with a service like WordPress.
Some new things that we haven’t been able to do before include:

  • Categorized posts
  • Comment moderation is easier (although there are no plans to ban anonymous posts)
  • Split posts so that readers can read the beginning of a post, and click a “read more” link if they wish to continue
  • Easier photo uploading for our bloggers

One Comment

  1. Publius Publius October 31, 2006

    Great new look!
    I miss the feature where one can start with the most recent post and scroll to “next” post without returning to home page. If I could scroll to “previous” as well I’d be downright giddy!

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