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Tan never knew the territory

I am coming out of post operative haze, but still want to be close to hose.
I’ll miss all of you tonight. I think the discussion will be interesting.

My reasons that Tan never knew the territory:

1. He immigrated to San Jose and moved to San Marcos.

2. Was clearly “shopping” a district to run in when he first called DPOC. When asked why he wanted to run, the answer was “I want to be a Congressman”. Good Answer!

3. When he attempted to run as a Democrat in the 46th, I saw more of his signs in Little Saigon than in Huntington Beach. I noticed they were the colors of the S. Vietnamese Flag. – CAn you imagine anyone using the colors of the Mexican Flag?

4. He could not be bothered with attending any Democratic events to get to know the activists.

5. Claimed he didn’t know anything about State Party endorsements whan the CDP send the invitation (& $50 shake down)

6. Called yours truly a racist in a snit when he didn’t win the primary.

7. Sent letter to CDP condeming yours truly and the DPOC as a whole and saying he would change to Republican. Goodspeed to you!

8. Resurfaced this year as a Republican proving he is an opportunist.

9. Began campaign bashing “illegal” immigrants.

10. Being dumb enough to send such a mailer because he obviously does not know the history of systemic attempts to supress the Latino Vote in Orange County.

The more I read from the paper and blog posts, not only does our common word, opportunist rise to the top, but he appears to be an authoritarian thug who believes he deserves to be a congressman.


  1. Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt October 19, 2006

    I wonder if Tan will still not be afraid to tell it like it is…


  2. Anonymous Anonymous October 19, 2006

    I applaud Tan for standing up and taking a stance for what’s the law states. Many politicians and people from this site are the intimidating ones! Illegal immigration is NOT A DIRTY WORD…it’s what it is! And don’t try to twist the meaning!! ILLEGAL means the OPPOSITE OF LEGAL. And remember this country is built on a legal RIGHT called FREE SPEECH. If this gets deleted, I know our country is going to down from COMMUNISM & SOCIALIST people that will destroy us all.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous October 20, 2006

    Tan Nguyen is not in trouble for being against illegal immigration. He is under investigation for attempted voter suppression by FALSELY (and, I might add, fraudulently) stating that immigrants, that is any immigrant, legal and illegal, cannot vote in this country. Obviously, immigrants who are naturalized US citizens do have full voting rights, just like any other citizen.

  4. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson October 20, 2006

    I hope you have a very quick and painless recovery!

  5. Susan Freeze Susan Freeze October 20, 2006

    To our anonymous friend (1):

    Bashing the immigrant community (illegal being code for mexican) actually is a popular thing to do in Orange County.

    However, the anti “illegal” rhetoric does not play well in Central Orange County. That does not mean someone undocumented can or should vote, it means the community as a whole (I bet primarily U.S. born and naturalized citizens) are sick and tired of being constantly maligned and suspect.

    How would you feel if such a letter were mailed to the Vietnamese Community? How would you feel if poll guards were stationed in your neighborhood to tell anyone who did not look anglo that they could be arrested if they attempted to vote?

    It is much better to know the community you want to represent by living there and spending time with those who don’t live on your street.

    Orange County does not take very kindly to carpet baggers. I suggest it might be time to pack up.

    PS: I can’t believe anyone would still condone that letter. Especially from someone who proclaims to have fled a country where sush tactics exist.

    PSS Thanks Mike – things are fine – I am starting to feel frisky again 😉

  6. LonewackoDotCom LonewackoDotCom October 20, 2006

    Anonymous (2) states: “immigrants who are naturalized US citizens do have full voting rights, just like any other citizen.”

    However, at that point in time they are no longer “immigrants” in the legal sense, but “naturalized citizens who are former immigrants”. However, consult an expert in voting rights laws for a full discussion relating to the letter; I haven’t seen the thoughts of any such person in any of the “news” reports.

    As for Freeze’s comments, many others who profit in some way from illegal immigration will portray opposition to illegal immigration as “bashing” or “scapegoating”, when those are simply shields used to hide what they want: money, votes, racial power, or the like.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous October 21, 2006

    We do not pick and chose the law’s of the land we want to follow. They are all there for a reason, and in this case Illegal means just that. And Sue Illegal does not mean poor picked on Mexican, it means ALL Illegal immigents. Now if you dont like the law, change it, but you are way outnumbered so obay it or take a hike.

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