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Another Step Towards Equality

Great news from Sacramento–Equality California’s (EQCA) first sponsored bill of the 2006 legislative session, SB 1441, the Nondiscrimination in State Programs and Activities Act, was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger on Monday.

EQCA salutes Senator Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica), the bill’s author, for her leadership in getting the bill to the governor’s desk.

This law prevents discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in public services such as police and fire protection, financial aid, social services and food stamps. The law also protects those associated with a person receiving services who has, or is perceived to have, any characteristic covered by the bill.

To find out more, visit the Equality California website at

One Comment

  1. Andrew Andrew August 30, 2006

    Okay, so Ahhnold signs a nondiscrimination bill into law.

    He may not be that bad for a Rethug, but he’s still BAD.

    Let’s not forget what happened last year, when the Legislature passed the historic marriage eqauality bill last year… And the Governator VETOED IT!!

    Kudos to Sheila Kuehl for moving California one baby step closer to full equality… And SHAME ON ARNOLD for his half-hearted “support” for our community, and for playing politics with our rights!

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