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Republicans bashing Republicans

Republican Art Pedroza wrote a post yesterday on the Orange Juice blog where he talks about the primary results in some of the central OC races.

[Ryan Gene] Williams did better than “Think Tan” and just as good as “RINO” Daucher, without spending a penny. And now both Nguyen and Daucher are having to raise more money for the general, having burned through what they raised during the primary.

The only real victors in the primary were Nguyen’s and Daucher’s consultants. In the end, I don’t expect any of these candidates to win in the general. Williams looks like the smartest of them all for not wasting thousands of dollars tilting at Democrat windmills. Of the three he may be the only one with a viable political future. The other two will probably be looking for refunds from their consultants before too long…

What a time to come out and bash your own party Art. Don’t get me wrong, I love it…but I’d think that you’d do this after your three candidates lost in November.

Art does have an excellent point in this post: Both Daucher and Nguyen blew through so much money in their primary race (and received very few votes), and still, the numbers just aren’t there for these guys. None of them are really from the districts they are attempting to represent, and they are all facing very experienced and very popular dems.

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