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Lou Delgado Honored by AD58 as Democrat of the Year

Our friend Lou Delgado has likely taken the photo of every Democratic candidate and elected official for years.  And he’s being honored by AD58 in LA County with the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Awards for “Democrat of the Year.”

Lou has a sharp eye and great timing.  I have hired him a few times to shoot photos of my clients or events they host.  He’s talented.  He’s reliable.  And he’s amazing to work with.  I’m proud to call him a friend.  If you need a shutterbug, Lou’s the right person for the job.

Here’s more about Lou from the folks in AD58.

  1. Interest in Politics — I was born in Guyaquil, Ecuador in 1955. As I grew up I heard many stories about the political turmoil in the land of my birth. In fact, over the last 100 years, Ecuador has had more governmental changes than any other South American country – many of them through a coup de estat. That piqued my interest in politics, as a boy, which finally led me to obtain a master’s in political science from Cal State Fullerton.
  2. First Political Experience — In the early fall 1968 campaign workers for presidential candidate Hubert H. Humphrey visited Virgil Junior High School (now Middle school), and asked if any students wanted to volunteer to help get HHH get elected as president of the United States in late 1968. I volunteered and so began my journey into politics which lasts until today. Needless to say, I followed the 1968 Democratic Party Convention that year as if it was my favorite western series.
  3. Most Successful political/social accomplishment — My most political successful political accomplishment is photographing many, many political events – many, many of them on a pro bono basis. I’ve become the de facto photographer for the Democrats of Orange County and my clients include Asmb. Sharon Quirk-Silva, Congress Member Lou Correa, City of Westminster Council Members Sergio Contreras, City of Westminster School Board Member Jamison Power, Huntington Beach School Board Member Diana Carey, Santa Ana Council Member Sal Tinajero, and many, many others.  On a pro bono basis – I photographed many mayoral & city council transitions (mostly the City of Cerritos), the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade (covering the OC Dems), many protests at the Nixon Library, and events like the 2000 OC Health Care Vigil in Newport Beach. When the various candidates for the 2019 CDP Chair were running and visited Orange County – I photographed ALL the candidates on a pro bono basis. I am also the photographer for the Hubert H. Humphey Democratic Club (Artesia-Cerritos-Hawaiian Gardens) – and have been – on and off – since 2002.
  4. Prizes and/or awards

1990 Pi Sigma Alpha, University Political Science Honor Society

1990-1991 CSU, Fullerton, Political Science Student Association, Officer of the Year

1990-1991 California State Student Association, Outstanding System-wide Committee Member of the Year Award (for work in Admissions Advisory Council, headed by Cal State Sacramento President Donald Gerth).

  1. Family: Two brothers – Maurice & Edward.


  1. Eileen Salmas Eileen Salmas October 14, 2019

    Lou – I am thrilled for this award and the recognition of your talent and dedication to the Democratic party. This is a well deserved accolade.

  2. Jamie Pavlat Jamie Pavlat October 14, 2019

    I adore Lou Delgado. He is all that.

  3. Pam Keller Pam Keller October 14, 2019

    Lou is the bomb! He always has a great attitude and gets the best shots. He has a great sense of humor too! Well deserved award!

  4. Tom Neff Tom Neff October 15, 2019

    A wonderful, well deserved recognition!

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