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When the Brough Breaks; Right Wing Blog Tears Assemblyman Apart

Many thanks to our tipsters for turning us on to for their post Wednesday about State Rep. Bill Brough of AD-73.  Apparently, Brough is accused of having a serious problem with alcohol and, in a #metoo era, is grabby with the ladies.

From the blog:

 He is reputed to be a heavy drinker with loose personal behavior. In particular, it was alleged that Brough has had multiple incidences of sexual harassment, including alleged outright issues of sexual assault (aka physical contact). Brough is the AD73 Incumbent Assemblyman.

Your intrepid blogger has learned that there indeed was a complaint filed with the Rules Committee against Brough that went nowhere. Brough had publicly denied there was ever a complaint. He has also publicly denied wrongdoing. It is the opinion of this blogger that he lied.

OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett spoke out forcefully against endorsing Bill Brough to a stunned audience. She detailed in graphic terms the incident of Sexual Assault/Harassment that she personally endured at the hands of Mr. Brough.

It is clear to this blogger that Brough has had enablers covering for him for years. It is also clear that Brough has had a litany of issues related to intoxication and his out of control behavior that occurs once intoxicated. Sans proof (aka the victims talking to me, or documented evidence of criminal/civil proceedings) I’ve stayed quiet.

The OC GOP sat in stunned silence as Lisa Bartlett opened up publicly for the first time about the alleged incident that was widely known but never confirmed by Mrs. Bartlett. The stunned committee voted Unanimously (save one holdout) to refer Brough’s endorsement to the endorsement committee for a “Closed Door Investigation”.

Bill Brough’s life is starting to unravel as is this budding scandal with multiple alleged victims. Add AD73 to the list of GOP seats that could be imperiled by the coming election.

That last line is the perfect segueway to Democratic candidate for AD-73 Scott Rhinehart.  Unlike Brough, Rhinehart is exactly the sort of candidate that AD-73 needs in Sacramento.

Scott writes:

I’m a community leader, businessman, husband, father and grandfather. I care deeply about the future of the people of the 73rd District, and in the State Assembly, I will work with you to support and protect our community.I was born into a working-class family in a small coal-mining town. My father began working in the mines of West Virginia at the age of eight. As a young man, he was a grassroots organizer in the United Mine Workers. From him, I learned the importance of collective action and of bringing a voice to the voiceless. My mother raised nine children in a modest home. From her, I learned the importance of diligence and perseverance in the face of struggle.

Like my father, I have participated in political advocacy, such as working to defeat The Briggs Initiative, Proposition 8 (the anti-gay ‘California Marriage Protection Act’) and fought to increase funding for HIV/AIDS prevention. I am also a passionate supporter of full and equal rights for all Americans, particularly worker’s and women’s rights.

I’ve called Orange County home for sixteen years with my husband Robert. We’ve co-raised two beautiful daughters and have six wonderful grandchildren. I’ve helmed my own real estate brokerage, specializing in home ownership for first-time buyers, seniors and veterans, so I understand the economic challenge that middle-class families and small business owners in Orange County face.

As a recognized center of technology and innovation, Orange County is well-positioned to lead our State in creating innovative, future-forward jobs. In the Assembly, I will support legislation that promotes a trained and well-paid workforce for the jobs of the future, as well as an environmentally sound framework for such job creation.

Scott already has an impressive list of endorsements:

Electeds & Candidates

Congressman Mike Levin

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (retired)

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva

Honorable Josh Newman (retired & candidate)

Honorable Joe Dunn (retired)

Honorable Tiffany Ackley

Honorable Beth Krom (retired)

Betty Valencia, Candidate for Orange City Council


Organizations and Community Leaders

Judy Jones

Justin Massey

Aaron McCall

Laura Reichelt

Andy & Karen Thorburn

Cullen Tiernan, California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus Chair

Patty & Jim Turrell

Annie Wright




United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, Western Region Council


So we will continue to cheer on RightOn Daily, which is promising other women are coming forward to expose alleged womanizing by Brough, and work hard to elect Scott Rhinehart to the State Assembly.


  1. Nick Wilson Nick Wilson June 21, 2019

    As a concerned republican in the 73rd I want to thank you for covering this story. I am really surprised that this isn’t being covered more in our local media.

  2. RHackett RHackett June 21, 2019

    Let’s see if the GOP holds Brough to the same standard they demanded of Dababneh, Bocanegra, and Sebastian Ridley-Thomas.

    I’m betting they don’t.

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