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Right Wing OC Finally Discovers Asians and Latinos

While 2018 was the Blue Wave in Orange County, OC Republicans and Conservatives are counting by running a number of Asian candidates against newly elected OC Democrats.  Michelle Steele will challenge Harley Rouda and Young Kim will go up against Gil Cisneros to name a couple of races.

Meanwhile a new Conservative Latino group has formed to keep Orange County Red.  Here’s an email I got on social media:

Please support this effort by attending.  And bring or sending 10 (ten) US postage stamps or the replacement value of. KEEP Orange RED is a Conservative Republican supporting Group of Patriots (not formally associated with the Republican Party) working to make a difference through Education, Training Leadership, Voter Registration and Assisting Friends in Orange County California.

The Purpose and goal of the KEEP Orange RED Hispanic Voter Registration Project is to: Register, Educate, Identify, Involve and Turn out to vote Hispanic Conservative Republican voters in Orange County California. Then, duplicate and run this system throughout every city in Orange County.

Please make contributions payable to: KEEP Orange RED 2255W Ball Road #2821 Anaheim, California 92814 Orlando Perez – Treasurer 714-818-XXXX

Attend the meeting this Thursday, 7 p.m. El Torito restaurant 2020 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806 If you cannot attend. Please send 10 (ten) US postage stamps or the replacement value of. Thank you


I have to wonder how this group feels about Trump’s family separation policy and children in cages under Mylar blankets.



  1. Jerry Falwell, Junior’s Pool Boy Jerry Falwell, Junior’s Pool Boy May 9, 2019

    Did the FAKE Republikkkan Housewives of Orange County finally realize it’s legal for their Latino and Asian household servants to vote (so long as they’re citizens)? Republicans are dead meat politically.


  2. Roger Roger May 13, 2019

    Are you kidding? Pull Michelle Steel’s FPPC forms…..80% of them are Asian donors from Los Angeles. Check out how the Chinese $ flows to real estate and developers here and EB5 visa programs as well….then you will see who buys our politicos.

    This is their donor base and has been for a while. Now what to make of the Latino vote one can only imagine….sadly their propaganda is usually good.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | May 13, 2019

      funny you should mention that

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