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Commission Appointments and recall; Fuel for some and not for others

TheLiberalOC has been tipped off that DPOC Vice Chair Jeff Letourneau’s jihad against Farrah Kahn, calling for her recall as a city council member because she’s appointed two Republicans to city commissions, fails a certain test.  Two of his biggest allies on the DPOC who are elected have done that same thing.

Khan appointed DTS Dr. Lee Sun and Republican Dale Cheema to city commissions in Irvine with the most diverse cast of commissioners Irvine has ever seen when it comes to race and party.  This is somehow grounds for recall.

In a word: horseshit.

LeTourneau’s two biggest allies in the party are Irvine Council member Melissa Fox and Anaheim Councilmember Dr. Jose Moreno; both have Republican appointees to respective city commissions.  Why not demand their recall?  Because Letourneau is a coward.

Fox appointed Republican ken Montgomery two years ago.  Not a peep from LeTourneau.

In Anaheim, Republican Vincent Baroldi was appointed by Moreno, allegedly as a favor to former mayor Tom Tait (in a text, Moreno says this isn’t true and that he did not know Baroldi’s party affiliation; Moreno also praised Baroldi’s work on the Board), to the Anaheim Publican Utilities Board.  Moreno allegedly has another commissioner who isn’t a registered Democrat on another body but I can’t find that name.

Outrage from LeTourneau or a a recall planned for either.  Nope.



LeTourneau needs to reel in his complaints against Kahn or condemn the actions of Fox and Moreno.  I won’t hold my breath.

I don’t care who our Democratic party electeds name to city commissions. But let’s be consistent in how we approach or penalize them for decisions they make.  Give all the social media photos of Letourneau celebrating with Conservative Republican Tom Tait on election night 2016, he needs to look in the mirror when if comes to criticizing a fellow Democrat.  Posing with an elected who didn’t support flying the Pride flag in Anaheim makes Jeff a hypocrite especially when it comes to complaining about Khan without chiding Moreno or Fox…or himself  for that matter.


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  1. Eugene W. Fields Eugene W. Fields March 20, 2019

    It’s “Khan”
    I’m wondering what is the agenda behind having a sitting Democrat elected official recalled?

    Shouldn’t the DPOC be focused on building a lobby for a special election to fill the soon-to-be vacant city council seat in Irvine?

    I agree with you, Dan. Much ado about nothing.

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