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Is Don Wagner Buying Social Media Likes from the Middle East for His Supervisor Campaign?

Irvine Mayor Don Wagner’s campaign for Orange County supervisor has taken an odd detour in social media to convince voters that he’s the most popular candidate for the March 12 special election — through the Middle East.  For season social media professionals, it looks like the Wagner for Supervisor campaign is buying “likes” on Facebook.

Here’s the link until Wagner’s campaign takes it down:  And those who liked the page aren’t just from the Middle East.  Brazil and Denmark too (something’s rotten).  These “likes” are a long way from Irvine, Orange, Anaheim Hills, Villa Park, Yorba Linda and Tustin.

If you clicked on the link and the evidence is deleted, these screen grabs will do that job of proving Don’s “support” on Facebook isn’t from OC.

I’m particularly amused by the praise folks from other parts of the world heep on Wagner for his work on helping the homeless.  Newsflash — Wagner didn’t.  What Would Jesus Do?  The opposite of Wagner.  Putting Wagner in the Supervisor’s seat means even less help for the fastest growing problem in the Third District.

So just who is trying to create a façade of support for Wagner in other parts of the world, because it seems obvious that he just doesn’t have the support of mainstream voters in OC.  How hard is it to target OC voters on social media?  It’s not. But getting them to respond must be Don’s real problem.

Have you received a research call, which is obviously from Wagner?  There’s a question about vote harvesting which the OC GOP has used as an excuse for their historic losses in November.

Wagner, and his buddy Irvine Council member Anthony Kuo, are presuming he’ll win even though there are five other Republicans in the race which will eat into any voters Wagner gets.  The price tag is about a half million for the City of Irvine for a special election which, if Wagner cared about voters over his own political ambitions, he would have not run for Mayor in the first place.  But considering Trump was soundly thumped in OC, you think Don would be smarter about the Trump cutout in his campaign office.

Wagner has proven himself time and time to be a bully and dishonest; not exactly the bastion of Christian conservativism he says he practices.

Voters should cast a ballot for anyone but Don.



  1. Donald Trump Is Brain Damaged Donald Trump Is Brain Damaged February 17, 2019

    Republikkkans are right-wing racist morons. Deport their fat deplorable asses to Russia!

  2. SB SB March 6, 2019

    Name calling is the hallmark of the Democrat party. It only proves the lack of intellect and conservophobia of the liberals. Why don’t you make a case against securing the border, protecting our citizens, fighting infanticide, calling out countries that hate America, building up our military. I could go on and on. Basically what it comes down to is your knee jerk reaction based on emotions and fear of a person regardless of the damage it would do to your country. Thank you for reinforcing the truth about the blind hatred of your depraved party.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski March 6, 2019

      Conservaphobia? You’re a snowflake who needs a safe space. Its the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. Our borders are very secure; illegal immigration has declined from the time Obama took office through today. People trying to come here are refugees and they are following the law and our government is not. Infantcide? People are not taking newborn babies home to kill them. You are pro-birth, not pro-life. Because if you were pro-life, you’d support things like Head Start, Mother/Child nutrition programs and affordable daycare and safe schools. Countries that hate America? Like North Korea, Russia, and who else? Building up our military? They get more budget and more money every single year. Might want to turn your computer off; Hannity’s on.

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