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Melissa Fox (left) is flanked by Fiona Ma at a fundraiser in Irvine (c) 2010, TheLiberalOC

IRVINE, CA — On the heels of just yesterday formally announcing her run for State Assembly District 68, a region wholly contained in Orange County, today Irvine City Councilmember Melissa Fox secured a high-powered endorsement from California’s incoming State Treasurer, Fiona Ma.

Significantly, Ma won countywide in Orange County in the November 2018 election in her campaign for State Treasurer.  In 2016, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the 68th Assembly District by nearly 5-points.

In announcing her backing of Fox’s Assembly run, California State Treasurer Fiona Ma released the following statement:

“I’m thrilled to support Melissa for State Assembly. Melissa Fox knows how to build coalitions, find solutions to issues big and small, and get things done. She’ll be fearless and will work tirelessly for neighborhoods across California’s 68th State Assembly District. Given her background and record, I know Melissa will advance common sense policies that protect and strengthen our middle-class economy, protect taxpayers, hold government accountable, while also working to expand opportunity and improve the quality of life for all Californians.”

A career-long attorney, Fox has served on the Irvine Council since 2016 after winning an at-large, citywide election. She also serves as Vice Chair of the Orange County Great Park, and in 2017, was recognized by Orange County Auditor-Controller Eric H. Woolery, earning the “Orange County Taxpayer Watchdog Award.” Previously a Board Member of the Orange County Fire Authority, Fox was also honored by the Child Abuse Protection Network in 2017, securing the, “Hero of Children Award.”

In announcing her campaign for State Assembly District 68 just yesterday, Councilwoman Melissa Fox previously released the following statement:

“With Washington in continuous disarray, it’s more important than ever that we ensure California is a beacon of hope, progress and opportunity for the people of our state. I’m running for State Assembly to bring pragmatic, common sense leadership in Sacramento. That means building safer neighborhoods, growing a strong middle-class economy, protecting clean air and water, along with investing in education, renewable energy, healthcare, smart development, transportation and job-training, while holding government accountable, fighting waste and safeguarding taxpayers. We can do all of this and simultaneously create a more compassionate and inclusive state for the people of California.”

Councilwoman Fox is the Founder and Senior Attorney at The Fox Firm, a civil law firm specializing in business law and public affairs.  In addition, she serves as Southern Vice Chair of the Democratic Municipal Officials, California.

Her service on local and regional boards and agencies includes Community Energy Partnership, Library Advisory Board of Orange County Library System, Newport Bay Watershed Executive Committee, the San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chair of the Green Ribbon Environmental Committee, and Chair of the Irvine Community Land Trust for Affordable Housing



    Has Deranged Donald Trump changed his personal motto from “so much winning” to “SO MUCH SNIFFING”? Jeez. I have never ever seen a person sniff so much during a single speech! Comedian & Celebrity Apprentice staffer Noel Casler was clearly NOT joking about Trump’s drug problem. Donald Trump is snorting way too much Adderall these days. Now we know why Nancy Reagan couldn’t stand him. Just say no, Donald, before you burn any more holes in your brain!

  2. DEE FOX DEE FOX January 14, 2019


    1. Melissa Fox, President of the Irvine Community Land Trust, allowed this non-profit organization, that receives the majority of its funding from the City, to close its doors to the public. No longer were the people allowed to see what affordable housing projects were in the pipeline. A Board member that sits on this council and who contracts with a major developer for the City appears to be controlling this Land Trust AND gave Melissa Fox $10,000 …
    2. Melissa Fox, who promised her constituents a Veterans Cemetery decided to vote against the people’s wishes and side with a developer. Her excuses were full of lies from stating the City would go bankrupt if the cemetery were to be built to stating the land was never meant for a cemetery and was meant to be sold … by sold I believe she meant to Five Point at a fraction of what it is worth. Neither of which was true.
    3. Melissa Fox continues to manipulate her commissioners … Ken Montgomery, (Melissa Fox’s commissioner), changed an agenda item that was NOT the agenda item that was provided to the public 72 hours in advance for review. And because another commissioner spoke out about this, Melissa Fox berated her by stating she was “confused” when the vote was taken. This commissioner stated she was NOT confused.
    4. Melissa Fox has several lawsuits both personally and professionally regarding her law firm, The Fox Law Firm. They include charges of Professional Negligence, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Violation of Business and Professional Codes, Misuse of Client Funds, Commingling of Trust Account Funds, Improper Money Transfers, Failing to Maintain Investor Records, Representing the Interests of other Entities that are in Direct Opposition of its Client, and the list goes on. Orange County case numbers 30-2012-00580623 and 30-2009-00295919.

    And she is running for STATE ASSEMBLY?

  3. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | January 17, 2019

    I’m still laughing that she’s promoting opening ICLTmeetings to the public when she closed them in the first place. Very Trumpian!

  4. LARRY BALES LARRY BALES January 23, 2019

    Larry Bales Election statement

    I am a Viet Nam Veteran; my family has served in every United States conflict including the Revolutionary War of Independence.
    While working for the County of Orange, I exposed political corruption and unfair treatment of taxpayers that eventually resulted in 45 indictments and 45 convictions of corrupted elected officials. Among them, a Congressmen, the first one to be removed from Congress since the Civil War. My efforts, in stopping unfair and illegal property tax practices, directly contributed to the passage of Proposition 13. I support Prop 13.
    I am against the “split roll” property Tax being proposed. It will raise your taxes. Our commercial and industrial business community already suffers from unfair competition and are either moving out of state or going out of business. Lost jobs.
    I continue to be concerned about our election process and in 2016 exposed and brought forward election fraud charges against your Assessor Webster Guillory, resulting in 5 election felony charges.
    I have not and will not accept Special Interest money or untraceable Dark Money from Special Interests. Special Interest and Dark money corrupts your representation to the point where, “we the people,” no longer exists.
    I support legal immigration and election laws.

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