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“You’re a Rumor”

That’s the gist of a call I got this afternoon asking, as a DPOC Central Committee member, why I was going to pull from the consent calendar the names of Tiffany Ackley, a candidate for Aliso Viejo City Council, Ashleigh Aitken for Anaheim Mayor and Lauren Johnson-Norris, a candidate for Irvine City Council?

After I stopped laughing, I assured the person who called me that none of that is true. I think every candidate who seeks the DPOC endorsement should make their case before the Central Committee and earn the votes of the body.

I think Tiffany is an exceptional candidate.  I like Ashleigh, but will be supporting Lorri Galloway for Anaheim mayor.  As far as Lauren Johnson-Norris goes, I’ll move to pull her endorsement if someone in her camp moves to pull Farrah Khan’s so they are on the same playing field.  But if Farrah’s not pulled, I’ll let Johnson-Norris make her pitch for the party endorsement.  In fact, if I think someone’s name was unfairly pulled, I’ll take appropriate action.  As a party, we ought to let everyone who’s filed to run as a Democrat make their case.

i did have to assure a few other party peeps I have no intention of pulling anyone from the consent calendar.  And fit the weasal’s who started this little rumor, I know who you are.


  1. Tiffany Ackley Tiffany Ackley August 16, 2018

    Thank you, Dan.

    For those of you reading, I’m the one who called Dan- I was raised to address rumors head-on by my very strong and intelligent parents- it’s a lesson I incorporate into my daily life. I don’t shy away from the truth, and I respect others who follow suit.

    Dan, I’ll be the first to admit I’m new at politics- and I appreciated being able to call you and have you be forthright and candid with me.

    — Tiffany Ackley (shameless plug)

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 16, 2018

      And I appreciate you picking up the phone to seek the truth. Thank you for the fun chat. The stuff I get blamed for……smh

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