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Anaheim District 2; Vanderbilt Isn’t Blue

I’m still getting caught up from last week’s business trip and ventured over to the OJ blog to read Greg Diamond’s analysis of the Anaheim City Council race for District 2.  If it’s not obvious, Greg doesn’t like Jordan Brandman — at all.  At the last DPOC meeting, Brandman was near Diamond, offered a handshake of greeting, only to be met with “Jordan, just stop.”

So in reading Diamond’s analysis of the District 2 race, Diamond did something he think’s is clever, but it’s not.  Brandman’s candidate’s statement is in red while current Republican Anaheim City Councilmember James Vanderbilt’s statement is in blue — to falsely make this reactionary Conservative Republican who is actively seeking the OC GOP endorsement as reported by our friends at ocpolitical ( to be some sort of progressive Democrat.  District 2 voter registration rolls show Republicans are quickly becoming an endangered species in District 2.  So a little deception is going to be needed to shine a blue light on a very red candidate.

And for those “good government” types out there, this is the same James Vanderbilt who wouldn’t second a motion by Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Jose Moreno’s motion to fly the LGBTQ Pride Flag last month (something originally done by then Councilmember Brandman in 2016).  Vanderbilt has also moved to limit councilmembers’ right to debate Moreno’s motion.

Diamond, Vern Nelson and the other semi-employed bloggers at the OJ blog regularly challenge Brandman’s Democratic bonafides while carrying water for conservative Republican Mayor Tom Tait (who has endorsed Vanderbilt), candidate Cynthia Ward and NPP/faux conservative Brian Chuchua: Brandman moved to the District 2, an area of Anaheim where he’s already been elected in three races rather than challenge Democratic incumbent Dr. Moreno, in a bid to add more Democrats to the council. This should be seen as a positive for the Democratic Party, right?  He could have easily stayed in District 3 where he lost by only 72 votes. I think it will be interesting to see how Brandman and Moreno work together on the council as both men actually have more in common than either might care to think and would be stronger together than apart.

Time to remind voters of where Vanderbilt stands on national issues:

In April 2016, Vanderbilt had an opportunity to condemn Donald Trump for his outrageously divisive behavior as a candidate for President of the United States. Rather than stand up for the majority of residents of Anaheim Trump had already defamed, he voted to take no action on the resolution, which failed. Brandman voted to take action on the resolution condemning Trump.

Why would Vanderbilt refuse to condemn and renounce candidate Donald Trump when one of his conservative Republican colleagues brought forth a resolution during the Republican primary? (

Maybe its because he’s the same conservative uber-Republican he’s always been.

Supporting a conservative Republican over a moderate Democrat in what’s really a head-to-head contest shouldn’t be an issue.  I fail to see why any Democrat would prop a Republican over a business Democrat or a moderate Democrat.  It’s not stopping former Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez or State Rep. Sharon Quirk-Silva.  If Brandman is good enough for them, he should be good enough for Anaheim.  I’ll take Brandman’s efforts to end homelessness, spur economic development, and solve neighborhood problems over Vanderbilt’s failed record in all three.  I will be voting to endorse Brandman’s campaign at Monday’s party endorsement meeting.

I’d also like to thank Diamond for his hilarious analysis of Irvine; I’ll get to that shortly.



  1. NoBrandman NoBrandman August 17, 2018

    Jordan Brandman sold the city out to Disney. Never forget that, but you did. Vanderbilt is more for the working class than Brandman.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 17, 2018

      Anaheim must compete with other areas of the world where Disney invests in growth; they remain a major employer and source of significant tax revenue for Anaheim. But let’s pretend Disney closes the two theme parks and dries up the resort district; where does the revenue come from?

      But I’m looking forward to seeing what the Building Trades have to say about the 5,000 plus jobs that aren’t happening and the 1150 permanent jobs that aren’t because of the decision to stop development of that next hotel.

      • kenlaysnotdead kenlaysnotdead August 17, 2018

        LOL, “imagine they close both theme parks.” Not even Cunningham can threaten that with a straight face. Disneyland is gonna move to… Peoria? Stanton?

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 18, 2018

          You’re not getting what I’m saying. Disney and it’s sales tax revenue make Anaheim government work. If it wasn’t there, what is their revenue source. I never suggested the parks would close or move. Recognize the value of that business to Anaheim’s coffers.

  2. 4th District Resident 4th District Resident August 17, 2018

    Isn’t that Brandman the con man who plagiarized a useless “report” for the County and billed the taxpayers $25,000?


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