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Time to Rally Around the Winners

CD-45 candidate Katie Porter with her daughter

Primary election night was either joyful or a disappointment depending on the race you most cared about.  There are still two races way to close to call — the second spot for Fourth District supervisor and for the second spot in CD-48 — but the notion Democrats would be shut out of key Congressional races in California’s jungle primary turned out not to be true.  Most of the candidates endorsed by the DPOC did not make it to the next round (but the previously addressed races still need to be called and a DPOC shutout can still be averted) so in backing candidates, the party needs to spent time listening to voters.

Time to rally around the winners.

In CD-45, Dave Min, Brian Forde and Kia Hamadanchy have all encouraged support for Katie Porter — demonstrating party unity and that as candidates, they were true to their word that ridding this district of Mimi Walters was a high priority.  In CD-39, the larger number of Democrats in the race did not stop Gil Cisneros from making it to the top two against former assembly candidate Young Kim.  Without a state senate race, Cisneros will need some help from Sharon Quirk-Silva voters who only gave the incumbent State Rep a narrow win.  Josh Newman ought to use his volunteers to make sure Cisneros can overcome Kim’s GOP base.

I’m thrilled to see voters in CD-49 sent Mike Levin to the final against the corrupt Diane Harkey.  Levin’s win revealed a few things about this district: the military vote in CD-49 isn’t as big as some people perceive and that true grassroots support can win over wealthy candidates who can self-fund their races.  My question is will Colonel Applegate supporters sit this one out or will they rally to Levin over Harkey?

As the votes continue to be counted in CD-48 (I’m told the ROV is putting a priority on the close races first), I’m certain whichever candidate ultimately prevails against Dana Rohrabacher is going to send the Congressman into retirement.  Republicans are going to use the nastiness of the races in CD-45, 48 and 49 in literature this November against our Democratic candidates.  Turn the negative into a positive and make this Republican incumbents actually debate and campaign.

For those not moving on for Congress or other county wide seats, there are still city elections and school board races where great candidates are needed.  There’s no Democratic candidate for Mayor of Irvine, for example, and Wagner has his eyes on Todd Spitzer’s seat so he really doesn’t want the job.

The race I cared about the most was Irvine’s Measure B.  I was reminded that every elected Democrat in OC was for Yes on B.  The DPOC and the OC GOP were for it.  As of last night, the No’s have a more than 7,000 vote advantage.  Social media shares suggest the Yes on B side hasn’t given up on the Freeway Land swap, but those elected officials and candidates for office who seek to defy the will of Irvine’s voters do so at their peril.  It’s time to work on putting a Cemetery at the ARDA site which is actually on the hallowed grounds of the El Toro base instead of the federal land near the freeway that never was part of the base.  Estimates are the FivePoint’s agents funded VALOR to the tune of $1.5 to $2 million dollars while the “No on B” side spent about $100,000.  Irvine voters looked past the 15-1 or 20-1 odds.

I recognize the Yes on B people believe the No on B win means former Irvine mayor Larry Agran will use this as a springboard to run for office again, but I think it’s unlikely he will.  The vote does demonstrate that Agran, and former mayors and council members Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang, still wield powerful influence in the city.  The council majority has a choice — listen to the voters and residents they represent or continue to find ways for the developers to benefit.  The voters have already spoken twice on the cemetery and once on the ability of voters to create referendums when the council acts in the developers interest over that of residents.

This is the second time Irvine voters have told the city council where they want the cemetery AND how tired they are of elected officials caving to developers.  The time is now to work together to make this happen for our veterans.


  1. David Vasquez David Vasquez June 10, 2018

    Crazy Greg is in RARE form this week after so many of his predictions, prognostications and general bullshit got shot down. Beginning with his “Vote NO on the recall” because he has witty signs! Of he’s a good guy too! WTF, weak sauce, so week that when his “counterpart” the Conservative Christian bigot Ryan Catnor, called him out Greg went straight for the dirty tampon.
    When his Libertarian former foe, David Zenger (AKA Randy Roddy) and “Fullerton Harpoon”, then friend and NOW foe posted a comment about Good Democrat Doug Chaffee making the general, Diamond went bonkers, started calling people “Nazi’s”, generally setting the kindling on fore at the foot of his last bridge, even his former “client” Anaheim Mayoral candidate chimed in on Diamonds mean spirited, sore loser attacks.
    Last, he spiked a post by homeless advocate Mohmmed Aly because he disagreed (This is HOW DIAMOND works, he only publishes things that make HIM look smart, check out the nuked posts from Lennar, Hammond and Vic Grainger. ALL DELETED, but if you post a favorable comment, it goes to the top). Then when people complained to Vern, it got reposted. Then of course “Crazy Greg” got his ASS handed to him by one of Vern’s friends.
    Greg, get some help man, lay off the blogging, get the med’s in check, think about your family. Greg, embarrassment over being WRONG is hard, being so stubborn, it’s only “Your Way or The Highway” will isolate you further.

    • Robert Menicucci Robert Menicucci June 11, 2018

      Get a life, man.

  2. David Vasquez David Vasquez June 11, 2018


    I have a pretty good life. A home, WHICH I PAID FOR, a good job, a great wife and two expensive daughters and a wayward son (in the sense that’s where most people like me would want a Young Man).

    I am not sure what you mean?

    Should I be hopped up on Pshcyo-tropic med’s picking fights with my few circles of friends? Should I send anonymous nasty messages to my detractors?

    Maybe I should do like Ricardo Toro (AKA “Dick Bull”) and harass innocent women, yelling crazy sh!t in my driveway, while driving a lousy little red car that costs less than my Home Depot Toilet.

    Maybe you meant I should BOLG endlessly about things which I have no idea, because I am atrophied, too fat, too mentally ill to actually LEAVE the rented house to examine the homeless site, which I mis-identified, but blogged 1,600 words about.

    Yeah, Robert Menicucci, you garner a reply. Try posting your name and having the four foot Chilean, the four hundred pound stroke guy and thankfully not yet, the Five-Time DUI felon come after you.

    • Robert Menicucci Robert Menicucci June 12, 2018

      See my first comment. Get help. Obsessing over “losers” makes you the biggest one of the bunch.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 12, 2018

        I have a few other names to add to your list of biggest losers

  3. OC DEM OC DEM June 12, 2018

    Watching Diamond self destruct is like watching a slow motion car wreck!

    He’s now going after Donna!

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 12, 2018

      its fun to watch

    • David Vasquez David Vasquez June 13, 2018

      Amazing, Watching/reading “Crazy Greg’s” desperate plea’s for relevance.

      His latest Non-Apology Apology is classic narcissism! This dude is more delusional than Adam Lansa or any CRAZY guy we have heard of. Read his exchanges, It actually makes me respect Donna Ascevedo more, Vern too (to a lesser degree).

      Given Greg’s “You will BEAT ME TO DEATH” silly statements, we peek in to the mind of the CRAZY, DELLUSIONAL, PROJECTING soul, who Blogs all day, can NOT maintain his med’s.

      WARNING TO GREG’S DETRACTORS: It’s only a matter of time before he SNAPS. Protect your selves and your families.


      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 13, 2018

        I’m far more concern about things he’s imagined that never happened and he doubles down. The guy is a joke

      • Magnus Magnus June 14, 2018

        Still it’s true son, you do need to “get a life.”

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 15, 2018

          based on the number of names you’ve used on this IP address, I’d give you the same advice.

      • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 15, 2018

        Greg has problems with punctuation: “my having once had to consider moving back to New York to pursue an opportunity to provide for mine (and my RIGHT NOW considered a move to take a job in Sacramento that would take me from my family without changing my domicile — makes me (after revising the intensity of the following clause downward four times) think less of Ryan, and is deeply, deeply disappointing (and in some ways obscene.)”

        Move asshole. No one cares what you have to say here in OC. Move where no one knows you and you might have some sway. Good luck outrunning Google

  4. CLASSY CLASSY June 13, 2018


    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 17, 2018


  5. David Vasquez David Vasquez June 18, 2018

    Man, CRAZY GREG, has reached fever pitch, he is baiting Dave “Randy Roddy” into fisticuffs, calling him a “NAZI”, he is poking Bushala, which is a fight CRAZY GREG will never win with his paltry budget.

    This sad soul is SO pissed, that voters in his OWN district, convincingly DESTROYED his ideology, he is bordering manic.

    Coco Puff!

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 18, 2018

      I may see him tonight at a DPOC bylines committee meeting; he’ll accuse me of being drunk at the meeting (cause that’s what he does these days). I had a sangria on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party (but only one because I was driving); bet he smells it on me.

  6. Republicans Are Going To Lose Republicans Are Going To Lose June 18, 2018

    Those people who were panicking worried about Democratic candidates being shut out of the general election must be living in a different state from the rest of us.

  7. OC DEM OC DEM June 18, 2018

    Henry “Paul” Lipton just posted PROOF that Mike Fox impersonated John Horner.

    The foxes are TOAST.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 18, 2018

      Links please

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