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Harley Rouda

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Tonight, Democratic candidate for California’s 48th Congressional District seat Harley Rouda released the following statement following his victorious performance in the June 5th primary election:

“Today 70% of voters in the 48th District rejected Dana Rohrabacher. They sent a truly resounding statement that they’re ready to say goodbye to the divisive and hateful politics of our failed incumbent Congressman and Donald Trump.  We have truly built a movement for change here in the 48th Congressional District and I look forward to defeating Dana Rohrabacher and restoring honesty and integrity to this office. I want to express my deep gratitude to all of our supporters, volunteers, the grassroots activists, working people and local leaders who have joined our campaign to move Orange County forward. I know that all of us who are dedicated to defeating Dana Rohrabacher in the fall will unite together to beat him in November.”

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  1. Too Early to Call Too Early to Call June 6, 2018

    This declaration of victory is entirely premature. Currently, Mr. Rouda leads by a mere 73 votes. However, the OC Registrar of Voters estimates that there are still more than 188,000 votes in the county which have not yet been counted. Surely, some of those votes will come out of CA-48, and it appears likely that the number could be large enough to alter the outcome of the race. The Registrar also estimated that this process could take weeks to complete. After the votes are fully tabulated, there could be further delays vis-à-vis a potential recount (if the razor thin margins hold). In short, it would be unwise for anybody to put much stock in the above press release.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 6, 2018

      well, my policy is to post press releases sent to me by all Democratic candidates; the exception to the rule is announcements of a new TV ad

    • Too Early to Call Too Early to Call June 6, 2018

      The OC Registrar of Voters just posted their daily, 5 p.m. updates, and Hans Keirstead is now leading Harley Rouda by 45 votes. Expect this back-and-forth to continue for several days while outstanding ballots are counted.

  2. OC DEM OC DEM June 12, 2018

    Looks like this was a bit premature on Harleys part.

    WHAT hasn’t stopped his supporters trashing Hans. His biggest “brownshirt” supporter needs to be more careful what he posts. Calling other ELECTED Dem’s vile names won’t help anyone win.

    It does not matter what Jeff, Mike Fox, Diamond or farrah Khan say. Victor will be shown the door if he keeps this garbage up.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | June 12, 2018

      Victor has a job with the DCCC and I’m actually happy he is working in the political arena and leveraging his activist skills. Unfortunately, Hans is the DPOC’s endorsed candidate and party bylaws say you can’t remain on the Central Committee if you’re working for a non-endorsed candidate or endorse a candidate other than the party’s endorsed candidate. Victor endorsed Brian Forde in CD45. Also a no no. Victor should resign his central committee post. Rules are rules

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