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Ad Reveals the truth about Porter’s resumé and Republican Brian Forde

IRVINE, CA – Dave Min, the California Democratic Party endorsed candidate for the 45th Congressional District, released a comparative ad that contrasts his record with rivals Katie Porter and Brian Forde.

The ad “Claim,” which is running on cable television, is part of the Min campaign’s final push to educate voters about the substantive differences between the candidates. View the ad here.

“Katie Porter and Brian Forde have been making outrageous and false personal attacks against Dave Min for months, even going so far as to say he physically assaulted women,” said Dave Min for Congress campaign manager Paige Hutchinson. “Before going to the polls in two weeks, Orange County voters deserve to know the truth about Porter and Forde’s own records and the special interests behind their campaigns.”

Dave Min has been running on a positive agenda to help Orange County families thrive, while Porter and Forde have continued to lob false personal attacks against Dave Min after failing to derail Min’s endorsement by the state party.

In contrast to Dave Min’s broad grassroots support in Orange County, Katie Porter and Brian Forde’s campaigns are fueled by special interest money, including hedge fund managers and cryptocurrency barons.

Most troubling, Porter and Forde have been untruthful with Orange County voters about their own records:

  • Porter falsely claims she “won $18 billion for homeowners” and identifies herself as a practicing consumer protection attorney. The truth is Porter was merely a monitor following settlements with banks and had no role in the lawsuits securing the funds. Furthermore, Porter is not licensed to practice law in California.
  • Brian Forde boasts about being “a progressive candidate,” but he was a lifelong registered Republican until just before deciding to run for Congress.

“We believe our local grassroots campaign and strong progressive message will beat the false attacks, deceptive claims and special interest money of our opponents ,” said Hutchinson.

Detailed information about our ads and the background behind them can be found below and here.

Contact: Paige Hutchinson

One Comment

  1. Preston L. Bannister Preston L. Bannister May 26, 2018

    You do realize this does not reflect well on David Min?

    When you make claims on a mailer or a broadcast TV ad, the viewer would have to remember the claims made, and is unlikely to do the work needed to check. You can get away with a lot.

    When you make claims on the web, a simple search pulls up much of interest. The ad for Min makes “false attacks, deceptive claims”, and is apparently directly supported by his campaign … not good.

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