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Is Vern Nelson Drinking Again?

OJ Blogger Vern Nelson

Just got done reading a lengthy Orange Juice Blog piece by Vern Nelson  — one that contains several errors and misrepresentations about me and this blog. So I have to wonder if he’s drinking again.  I choose not to comment there; why bother? But I do need to set the record straight because accuracy with this guy is elusive and maybe its because “the sauce” is close by.

Vern connects HB Sledgehammer blogger Chuck Johnson to this blog.  Chuck has occasionally comments here under his name and a variant of his name — but its always the same IP address. I have never personally met Mr. Johnson or Chris Epting, another frequent target of Vern Nelson.  I would not know either man if I passed them on the street.  So all of the anonymous commenter names Nelson thinks are Chuck Johnson on this site are not Chuck Johnson.  They’ve been commenting here long before Johnson found this blog.

Likewise, I have never commented on Johnson’s blog.  I will read it from time to time.  He and I do chat via email, but I do chat with a number of bloggers throughout OC and I take calls from them as well.

As to CD-48, I have no horse in this race.  I will publish announcements from any and all candidates in the race — and I made a point to both Laura Oatman and Rachel Payne at the CDP convention to keep sending me their announcements.  I rarely do blog posts about this race and I have not endorsed any candidate in this race, nor have I written a single check to any candidate in this race (I have in CD-45).  It is my fondest hope that a Democrat wins one of the two spots so we can rid this County of Dana Rohrabacher.  But to connect the Keirstead campaign with this blog is inaccurate at best and a reach at worst.  Just because they think its true doesn’t make it true.

On the subject of comments, the Orange Juice Blog controls the comments you see.  They censor regularly.  I believe in free speech, so I typically allow most comments to fly.  The cure for speech you don’t like is more speech, not less.  And, a few years ago, I spoke before the Irvine city council and told then-Mayor Steven Choi that he belittled historical tragedy for political gain to his face while making the point my free speech countered his free speech.  I have drawn the line and deleted a few comments from regulars like Vasquez and OC DEM (they can confirm), but its rarely do I delete comments.  Don’t like a comment you see?  Comment back.  I’ll note I have both Greg and Vern on moderation simply because I’m not going to listen to them tell me how to run this blog.  And that’s what really bothers them; they think this blog is a cesspool.  I don’t care.  I think their lives are cesspools.  Men in their 50s that one could certainly argue are professional failures.

I’m not going to tell them how to run their blog.  I’m not telling Johnson how to run his.  I’m not telling Matt Cunningham to run his blog either.  And I sure as hell am not about to have either of them tell me how to run mine.  No one forces anyone to come here and read this.  And yet people do.

Vern’s point is to connect me to people he doesn’t like, to campaigns he doesn’t like, to commenters he thinks he knows who they are.  Go ahead Vern and let everyone know who Henry Lipton is while you’re at it; most people know, but I actually support your decision to protect that moron’s anonymity.  So when Vern’s partner Greg Diamond cheers that they don’t allow anonymous attacks, it’s really accidental comedy.  Because they do — it depends on who the target is.

But since Vern wants to connect me to campaigns I am not connected to and have expressed no support for, he’s made it clear he’s all in for Harley Rouda, Doug Applegate, Tom Tait and Brett Murdock. So perhaps its time these guys study Vern’s 5th DUI — a felony of course. Read about it here: VernNelson5thDUICaseFile.  Why candidates so concerned with their image give Nelson the time of day is amusing.  But perhaps they don’t. How often does Nelson chime in to say, “they won’t return my calls anymore.”  Which is code for “that’s what happens when you have multiple felonies.”

Have a nice day Vern.


  1. David Vasquez David Vasquez May 15, 2018

    The likelihood of Vern relapsing is great, not good.

    Considering the degree of his addiction, his wife’s claim that he has “NEVER BEEN TO RE-HAB BEFORE”, the length of time he had been drinking and the fact that his Salvation Army Salvation Army stay was the longest he had been sober in 30 years (according to Vern).

    I wish Nelson well, seriously, he is struggling with a demon that is tough to tackle, which makes his blogging activism habits unbelievable. Why would you not take your (emotionally) scarred wife and move to Montana and teach Piano, go join Zia Back in Reno, Nope, he chooses to go right back into the whiskey barrel.

    God Bless You Vern. Good Luck.

    • Colony Insider Colony Insider May 17, 2018

      Dan, I think you might be on to something. Over at OJB Vern is trying to convince people that he had an encounter with Mitch Caldwell at the May 8th City Council meeting. He and his delusional friend, Mark Richard Daniels, are both talking about a conversation that took place between Mitch, Vern Nelson and Donna Acevedo. What’s interesting is that I happen to know that Mitch Caldwell was sitting on the opposite side of chambers from them with his wife. Accuracy truly is elusive. Honesty, as well.

  2. Bob Barnett Bob Barnett May 17, 2018


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