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Do You Know This Man?

AD-74 GOP candidate Katherine Daigle posted a snapshot her daughter took of a sign thief in Irvine over the weekend.  According to Daigle, the thief had some of her signs, signs promoting Tony Rackauckus and Todd Spitzer, Dave Min’s and several “No on Measure B” signs. Hard to pin a political label on this kid other than idiot.

Daigle writes:

My daughter caught this guy in front of Gelson’s stealing 100’s of signs off Alton and Jeffrey. He stated it was his right! Brittany grabbed mine out AND ordered him to put them back, he said NO. Most were measure NO on B -.then Min, Spitzer, TRack and one of mine.

This is a crime and it’s stupid.  But it’s a pretty good shot and if anyone out there knows who this young man is, send some proof along so the authorities can be contacted.

Whether the kid is a Republican or Democrat, it’s wrong.  Let’s track him down,


  1. Carolyn Inmon Carolyn Inmon May 14, 2018

    It’s the Smiling Sign Stealer. If you can’t win on the arguments, then steal signs like the spineless thing that you are. I hope someone identifies you so you can suffer the consequences.

  2. katherine daigle katherine daigle May 15, 2018

    Thank you Dan for posting this story.

    Brittany will be stopping by the IPD after work this afternoon to file a complaint of theft and the possible assault of this man grabbing the sign, we shall see. Brittany was startled especially after the encounter on the street with this very mean spirited individual

    What is happening here in Irvine, when my kid (she will always be my child) just puts up 1 sign on public property that announce’s her Mom is running for Assembly District. Where every person that is running for office has their First Amendment right to speak. This person took everyone’s “right” away in that instant when he had grabbed every sign on the street. Brittany stood up for you and your rights – Daigle, Spitzer, Rackauckas, Ramirez, Min, and many NO on B .

    The motive is not clear, but I suspect what everyone should suspect , that in broad daylight this person knew he “had nothing to fear”, up to and including unnerving some girl who was helping out her Mom.

    This person is associated with the malicious, money driven, unaccountable people who want the power over the entire City as well as the people’s voice.

    Remember residents of Orange County, that your VOTE is precious and no matter what side you sit on, this in your face confrontation is only the beginning of what these people will do to protect its will over you, the voter. Your giving them the power to do what is necessary for them.

  3. Mab Mab May 15, 2018

    When I worked on the George Bush campaign on the day of the election we put out 500 signs and there was someone from the Democrat Party right behind us taking up all of them. It was always our experience that the Democrat Party in the leftist pulled up the Republican signs. This man should not be doing this however I never heard any condemnation by the Democrats of the destruction of Republican signs.

  4. Clown Penis Clown Penis May 16, 2018

    Hello Friends.

    This is your “perp”.

    First off if 5-10 signs moved from the standing position to the ground cost “thousands of dollars” you are doing something wrong.

    Next I would like to say sorry. Though I may not understand the reason behind putting up sign I can say if it allows you to feel like your opinion matters great!

    Was what I did right? No. Using other peoples frustration to mildly entertain myself feels allot like high school bulling. For that I send a sincere apology.

    I would ask that if you really did spend $1000s of dollars how could you better serve the community; This both in time and dollar value.

    If anyone still has a gripe with my actions feel free to email me at or come to the Second Harvest Food Bank on Saturday.

    Warm Regards all.

    • Nachyodaddy Nachyodaddy May 16, 2018

      I love u man! And your clown penis!!!

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