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LeTourneau’s Ire Over Anaheim Pride Flag Issue Should Have Been Directed at “People’s Council”

Jeff LeTourneau addresses the DPOC Central Committee during officer elections January 14, 2013. (Photo: Lou Delgado)

Two weeks ago, Anaheim Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Jose Moreno introduced a motion to add a new flagpole for City Hall — one that the Gay Pride Flag could be flown during Pride month addressing a measure started by then Council member Jordan Brandman in 2016.  The motion failed for lack of a second and rationale provided meant any organization — including hate groups like Neo Nazis or the KKK could be allowed the same courtesy as Anaheim’s Gay community.  There is still support to the city to acknowledge Pride Month.

Last year when then Anaheim City Manager Paul Emery had the Pride Flag draped on City Hall itself and that raised the ire of certain city council members which may have led to the pressure Emery felt to resign his position.

When Brandman pushed for this in 2016, he was able to secure support from two Republicans — Council members Kris Murray and Lucille Kring.  When Moreno’s motion died for lack of a second, my first thought is where was Tait, Denise Barnes or Vanderbilt on delivering a second to their People’s Council majority member Moreno?  How could Moreno offer this motion without knowing if he had a second?

DPOC North Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau used part of his three minutes during public comments to admonish Murray for failing to second Moreno’s motion.  First he read quotes by Murray from a June 2017 OC Register article that were very positive about recognizing the Pride Flag at city hall and its significance to Anaheim’s gay community.  Go to the video of Tuesday’s meeting at the 2:06:40 mark for his comments and LeTourneau shouting “shame on you Kris Murray” and referencing her recent announcement to run for Third District Board of Supervisors, suggesting she has abdicated her responsibility as an elected official and should resign.  He prefaced all his comments as DPOC North County Vice Chair meaning he was speaking FOR the party here.

Now before anyone gets the idea this is a post supporting Murray’s non-second, it’s not.  There were better targets to shame.

Why the hell didn’t LeTourneau admonish Tait?  Vanderbilt?  Barnes?  They are supposed to be Moreno’s allies on the council.  Have they abdicated their moral authority as elected officials and ought to resign?  Let’s be fair here.

And left unsaid by LeTourneau, addressing hateful comments by Anaheim HOME member Denis Fitzgerald calling gays “pedophiles” repeatedly in the meanest, nastiest way possible.  No one word from LeTourneau condemning that hate speech.  Not a single word.  And to that I say “shame on you LeTourneau.”

There are seven members of the Anaheim City Council; six of them did not second Moreno’s motion on the flagpole issue.  Three of those six are Moreno’s allies.  He singled out a single member who seems supportive of the idea of having the Pride flag fly at City Hall.

Honey, not vinegar, is what is needed here to fly these colors in June.



  1. OC DEM OC DEM April 13, 2018

    I have watched Letourneu stand up and yell “SHAME ON YOU” in his whiney voice at three different city council meeting recently.

    Meanwhile he ignores the sex abuse scandal in his own town and right under his nose.

    Time for Jeff to change his silly nametag to: ONE WAY.

  2. SomeDazeRDiamonds SomeDazeRDiamonds April 13, 2018

    Jeff is a goddamn bully. Tait apologist. Douchebag

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