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OC Labor Fed Names Alvarado Interim Director

From L to R: Denise Penn (Political Courage), Rev. Minh Hanh Nguyen of St Anselm’s Episcopal church (Community Heroine), Robin Marcario (honoree), Gloria Alvarado (Community Heroine), and Nancy Aleccia (Labor Pioneer).

The Orange County Labor Federation (OCLF) has named Gloria Alvarado as the OCLF’s new interim executive director.

From the press release:

Gloria brings a unique balance of mission focus, analytical depth, and steadiness to OCLF.

“I am grateful to the board and delegates for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization, which is not only transforming the lives of working people in Orange County, but also building worker power through union organizing, political education and leadership training programs that give working people a voice to improve their lives.”

OCLF fired longtime executive director Julio Perez earlier this year in the wake of a months long investigation into sexual harassment and abuse that originated with #metoo social media posts from former interns in late 2017.  OC’s pro labor and progressive community continues to remains silent on criticism of Perez’s actions.


  1. warren and karen worth warren and karen worth March 19, 2018

    We live in Mission Viejo CA. Orange County. It’s called the Orange Curtain for good reason. We are being spied on, stalked and bullied by Alan L. Murphy, Barry Rondinella (directors of John Wayne Airport), Lt Binning from Mission Viejo PD, Sheriff’s Office (Jennifer Wilson’s husband), Camp Pendleton to a point that we can’t take anymore. Almost 9 years now and no one will stop them. When we begged our mayor, Frank Ury, to do something or step down, he took us to court saying we threatened his children. Jennifer Wilson, his secretary at the time, joined in on this fraudulent lawsuit. When they lost, she had slope maintenance come over and cut down almost every tree across the street from our home. Our county and state are totally corrupt and women here are being hunted and bullied with aircraft. One has died from cancer from this abuse. We need help. We are 65 yr old professionals, own home and business here, never been in trouble and we are being bullied to a degree most can’t imagine. Any woman who calls noise complaint at JWA gets a jet path over her home. There are two flight paths in OC. One goes south over the ocean and back north below Dana Point. The other goes north towards Riverside. We are due east and live over 20 miles from the airport. We are not under any flight path. The Mission Viejp police uploaded pornography to our computer, dive bombed us with their helicopter hundreds of times, called our home repeating the sound we just made in our home on our phone machine. Psychological warfare on housewives. We called the airport in 2009 to ask very nicely if the private planes could stop doing stall maneuvers over our homes (it’s illegal). Within 15 minutes, Alan L. Murphy, the director in 2009, was over our home doing figure 8s so low. Every day since. We are not allowed to have one day off. These men know this has to happen every single day to cause cancer or suicide, whether it’s Alan L. Murphy and Barry Rondinella dive bombing our home in their private planes, the OC Sheriff’s office (Jennifer Wilson’s husband) shaking our home with their helicopter, commercial jets so low we can hear every one inside with all doors and windows closed or Camp Pendleton hunting us wherever we go and dive bombing us with aircraft or shaking our home with military aircraft. They use jets from LAX, where our present director is from, to keep us from sleeping at night (our airport closes at 10pm). We are hunted every place we go. Every vacation, visit to the store, dive bombed in jacuzzi’s, in hotels where we go to get away from this abuse or at the YMCA. WE ARE NOT UNDER A FLIGHT PATH AND OVER 20 MILES FROM THE AIRPORT. We tried to move and they sent military jets screaming over every appointment we made online. THIS HAS TO STOP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. We heard about one woman who got cancer and died within 2 years of this abuse. No one will stand up to these monsters. We need help soon. Almost 9 years of the abuse of power. Our elected officials will not uphold the laws of this state or their oaths of office. You don’t have to believe us, just look at satellite footage over our home since 2009 and it will tell you all you need to know. Our neighbor calls this Lord of the Flies on steroids. Chem trails all over the place. There should never be chem trails in Orange County skies. Four other women we have found suffering the same thing. We can’t find one person in power who will enforce the laws of this state. Not our District Attorney, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Diane Feinstein, FBI, CIA, Barbara Boxer, Gavin Newsom. We have written everyone who has a position of power and took an oath to uphold the laws of the state of California. We need a hero.

    • 4th District Resident 4th District Resident March 19, 2018

      You’ve come to the right place.

    • OC Phlegm OC Phlegm March 21, 2018

      A conspiracy this far reaching needs an attorney with experience in handling such voluminous escapades. Might I recommend one Lenore Albert-Sheridan, who can also advise you as to whether this has anything to do with the Easter Bunny.

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