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No Christmas Cards from Mayor Choi who gets Henry Samueli’s Title Wrong


Everyone needs an editor.  The OC blogsphere is loaded with posts about typographical errors on fundraising invites or fundraising addresses pointed at City Hall in Anaheim.  This afternoon, Mayor Choi’s December newsletter came in and I’ve noted two things quickly — the Mayor isn’t sending Christmas card to anyone this year.


From the letter:

“I have pared down some of my holiday routine.  For example, I used to send Christmas cards, but I have given up that tradition. I do receive a large number of Christmas cards, and I do read them and appreciate the senders’ efforts and good wishes. It feels rather contradictory to be a receiver and yet not a sender.

You get the point. No one should feel they should send me a Christmas card, especially since I am unlikely to return the favor. Nevertheless, please understand that I do wish you a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a year that I hope will be filled with many blessings from our Lord.”

Don’t worry Mayor Choi; we’re not sending you a card this year and you get coal for not being honest about a newspaper reprint you used from the OC Register without the paper’s permission in the last election — Santa’s watching!


While thumping his chest over the FivePoint giveaway, Choi talks about a personal meeting with Broadcom “CEO” Henry Samueli over the company’s plan to build new headquarters at the new Great Park.  Choi writes:

“One added benefit concerns Broadcom, one of Irvine’s major employers.  With approximately 4,000 employees and looking forward to doubling that in the near future, Broadcom has been looking for a large piece of land upon which to build their new headquarters.  I really want those high-paying jobs to stay in Irvine. I met with Henry Samueli, Broadcom’s CEO, to tell him that.”

One problem.  Henry Samueli is not the CEO.  He’s the chairman, a co-founder, and CTO of the company.  The CEO is Scott McGregor.  But you’d think our mayor would take a little more … care in getting the title right.  Oops.




  1. Ltpar Ltpar December 7, 2013

    Dan, better get your snitches at City Hall working a little harder because your latest round of criticisms of Mayor Choi are pitiful. The past election, where Steven Choi won handily is H2O under the bridge, no Christmas cards and calling Henry Samueli by the wrong company title. Don’t know Mr. Samueli except by reputation, but I somehow doubt that he is staying awake at night worring about being called CEO, instead of CTO. In fact, I imagine Mr. Samueli appreciates the efforts of Mayor Choi in getting the Five Points Agreeement moved along, thus opening the door for expansion of Broadcom in Irvine.

    Just as a suggestion, why don’t you beat up on the hard heads on the School Board who slapped their benefactor, Larry Agran in the face with their refusal to move the High School. The nerve of those people, after all the City General Fund and Measure BB money Agran pushed through for them and now they don’t jump to King Larry’s tune? Don’t get me wrong here, I support Agran’s desire to move the High School, but not because of it being close to the jail. I see it as Site B simply being a better location and a number of amenities, including a stadium can be included as part of the deal. That would be a win for the entire community.

    Bottom line Dan, dig around and get some real dirt and give us an interesting commentary, But then, you are not likely to get that from the conservative side of the Council, so I supposed we are destined for more of the same.

  2. SinceUasked SinceUasked December 8, 2013

    Perhaps the proofreader drought is pandemic, or is it just the Holidays? With
    “over the company’s plan to build new headquarters NEW the Great Park.”
    I don’t follow house architecture trends over there in Irvine, but imagine they now include extensive GLASS usage, with centerpiece STONE launchers? Warmest Holiday wishes!

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | December 8, 2013

      Thanks for the edit. Leaving out a word versus getting a title wrong is apples and oranges. And Pat, my snitch at city hall this time is Choi himself. But seriously, aren’t you embarrassed to watch him on the Dias? He is clueless.

  3. Ltpar Ltpar December 10, 2013

    Dan, not embarrased in the least. Granted, Steven doesn’t use all the doublespeak of an attorney, but after the Agranistas, he is a welcome change. This is highlighted by the fact that I know his heart is in the right place, which in the case of the Agranistas, was not.

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