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Santa Ana Spring Fails To Unseat Mayor Pulido

Mayor Miguel Pulido – Photo: Chris Prevatt/LiberalOC

While preliminary results show that 52.6% of Santa Ana voters preferred someone other than Miguel Pulido to be their mayor, they again couldn’t rally behind a single candidate to push Miguel Pulido out of the saddle and away from the reigns of city power. Councilman David Benavides was the strongest of Pulido’s five challengers with 26.4% of the vote. Perennial candidate George Collins drew 12.8%. Two years ago, Alfredo Amezcua was Pulido’s strongest challenger drawing 26.8% of the vote. This will mark Pulido’s 10th term as Mayor.

Pulido’s support has dropped almost two percentage points from 49.5% last cycle to 47.4%. It appears however that mayoral term limits, which passed last night with 77% of the votes, may be the only way to end Mayor Pulido’s reign over Santa Ana.

It remains to be seen if the voting block on the council that pushed mayoral term limits to the ballot over Pulido’s objections in what has been called Santa Ana’s Spring, will hold when it comes to governing the next two years.

Vince Sarmiento
Santa Ana City Councilman Vince Sarmiento (Photo: Chris Prevatt)

In City Council Ward 1 Vincent Sarmiento easily defeated his challenger Estella Amezcua for another council term. In Ward 3 a crowded field of six candidates, including former Councilman Brett Franklin, and Planning Commissioner Eric Alderete, vied to succed disgraced Republican Councilman Carlos Bustamante. The large field resulted in a virtually unknown candidate Angelica Amezcua winning the contest even though she spent no money on the race. In Ward 5, School Board Trustee Roman Renya has defeated Karina Onofre to win a that seat.


  1. Henry Gattis Henry Gattis November 7, 2012

    Thank you George “f&%cking” Collins! So what did you accomplish you stupid f&ck!

    • Rosary Rosary November 8, 2012

      Why are you being so RACIST, why not support Collins when He is the only mayoral candidate without links to groups of interest like Pulido and his clone on steroids”Benavides” are?.Benavides as Mayor is having Pulido much more younger and corrupt with not experience at all. Next time do not be racist and vote for other than what we have now.

      • Henry Gattis Henry Gattis November 9, 2012

        Where did I mention race. I didn’t vote for you because you are white, I didn;t vote for you because you are f&cking stupid, Rosary AKA George Collins. God you are a worthless excuse for human excrement. LEAVE SANTA ANA AND NEVER COME BACK! Punk mother f&cker

        • Rosary Rosary November 9, 2012

          What a quality of human being are you by using those words, you are what you said.As a Santa Ana resident I do not want to be asociatte to you just by living in the same city, therefore you should leave this city if you do not like how politics is here. god bless your anger!.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski November 10, 2012

          Henry — Thanks for calling me the other day from your blocked line. I don’t appreicate the multiple hang up calls every day. Don’t you have something better to do, like stalk those underage daughters of OC politicos.

  2. cook cook November 7, 2012

    GG not only terms out the mayor in ten years, but also will term out Vince in 8 years and Michelle, David and Sal in 6 years, as their council terms will expire before Miguel mayoral terms expire.

    I expect that there will be another call to change the term limits shortly and all of those who called for term limits before will now be arguing against them in the future.

    • Repulsed Repulsed November 7, 2012

      OMG Cook,here you go again! It’s eight years not ten. “commencing with the 2012 election”

      • cook cook November 8, 2012

        ten = 2 years now and 8 years starting next election. end date 2022

        ward 2,4,6, end date is 2018, and ward 1 is 2020.

        That could mean the next mayor may come from ward 3 or 5 (those who just won their seats)

        But since voter’s memory is very bad, I expect new term limits to be floated to the voters in about 2 years.

        • Chris Prevatt Chris Prevatt Post author | November 8, 2012

          Cook, you are mistaken in your analysis of when term limits for mayor begin. The limit begins with terms for the winning candidate in the 2012 election. This is specified in the City Attorney’s analysis and the language of the measure. I am uncertain at the moment if the 20 consecutive year mayoral/council term limit applies to terms that beagn before the current election. If so that would mean that Pulido would be termed out after this new term. My guess is that the 20 year clock begins with terms elected in 2012. Meaning that Mayor Pulido could serve for a total of. 20 more years. 8 years as mayor and 12 as a council member.

          • cook cook November 8, 2012

            They talked a lot about retroactive term limits during the discussion on GG, and most notable was it could not take effect until the next election in 2014.

            The City Attorney’s analysis is not binding and not a legal opinion.

            But it does not matter, the issue of term limits will be put to the voters again when the current members are facing the end of the (council) road before the mayor reaches the end of mayor limits.

            • art lomeli art lomeli November 8, 2012


              You and others then believe that the Santa Ana Spring council movement is just starting…………… is ongoing with the objective to eventually unseat the Mayor………through term limits if not sooner.

              The movement was not totally just to unseat the mayor at this election .

              So the Santa Ana Spring Movement has not failed in the big picture sense.


  3. art lomeli art lomeli November 7, 2012

    The majority council objective is just as planned. No big picture disappointments. Reyna was added to the council majority. Will see what affiliation Angelica Amezcua follows.

    Measure.GG passed making the Mayor’s office in par with council office……………….eliminates entrenched special interest forever relationships.

    This essentially renders Pulido a lame duck.

    Pulido’s personal campaign attacks on the council candidates will have an effect .

    Piulido in this resentful relationship with the majority council he created with the personal attackcks through the media and mailers will eliminate any ability for him to lead.

    The leading will be done by the council majority. The Mayor’s office will me ceremonial..

    In this scenario ………. Pulido has no benefit in having and staying Mayor.

    This only happens if the majority council stays united. If not it is political suicide. I believe this is understood.

    • junior junior November 7, 2012


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