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Jordan Brandman files for Anaheim City Council; Announces Endorsements

Jordan Brandman, a trustee for the Anaheim School District, today formally announced his candidacy for Anaheim City Council and released a list of those endorsing his candidacy.

The news release is below:

Jordan Brandman Files Candidacy Papers for Anaheim City Council-
Ready to Lead Anaheim Forward

(Anaheim) – Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Jordan Brandman has filed candidacy papers for Anaheim City Council. Brandman is a homeowner and small business owner who understands the connection between strong city leadership, property values and economic growth. He is a proven fiscal conservative that will provide leadership and clear priorities to secure Anaheim’s finances & neighborhoods, create jobs and work for a better future for all residents.

During his time on the school board, academic standards improved, graduation rates increased and Oxford Academy is the number one school in California. While Chairman of the Anaheim Public Utilities Board, Anaheim has delivered clean water, undergrounded powerlines, renovated reservoirs and advanced renewable technologies – keeping rates Orange County’s most affordable. His priorities are creating jobs, fighting crime & eliminating gangs, maintaining world-class police & fire departments and ensuring neighborhoods, parks & libraries are safe and well maintained.

Brandman continues to build a broad coalition that will keep Anaheim moving in the right direction. It includes:

Anaheim Police Officers Political Action Committee (APO PAC)
Anaheim Firefighters’ Association
Anaheim Neighborhood Association
Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu
Councilmembers Gail Eastman & Kris Murray
Former Mayors Tom Daly and Curt Pringle
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez
Senator Lou Correa
Assemblyman Jose Solorio
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce PAC
Support Our Anaheim Resort PAC
Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council
Orange County Business Council
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association
Orange County Taxpayers Association PAC
and many other community leaders.

“We are one Anaheim and need to move forward to make our city greater still,” said Jordan Brandman. Let’s make our city an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

The election for two open Anaheim City Council seats will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. For more information please visit Jordan Brandman’s campaign website,



    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 12, 2012

      Jason no blog whoring please. The site you are promoting does little to advance your position and is both poor.y written and poorly research. It’s a great definition of out-of-context theater

      • Jason Young Jason Young August 15, 2012

        The evidence speaks for itself Dan. Jordan Brandman is Curt Pringle’s poodle and Disney’s puppet.

  1. gabriel san roman gabriel san roman August 13, 2012

    Broad coalition? Looks like a ‘who’s who’ of the status quo.

  2. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 13, 2012

    That’s from the press release….

  3. save anaheim save anaheim August 15, 2012

    It is funny to see you post such blatant propoganda as Jordan Brandman’s press release (as full of S#&! as anything I have read recently) and in the same breath complain about someone referencing the website to offset the tripe you spread by reprinting Brandman’s self serving, claim of accomplishments. Further, you state “The site you are promoting does little to advance your position and is both (sic) poor.y written and poorly (sic) research. It’s a great (sic) definition of out-of-context theater” Ignoring all of your grammatical errors and typos (sheesh, you would think you are Art Pedroza in disguise), you stifle discussion in the name of liberalism while shilling for a RINO? Seriously? Please sell your half of the site to Chris Prevatt and go to work for Brandman already.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 16, 2012

      Forgive me for fat-fingering a comment from my smartphone and auto-corrects don’t help. We do post press releases when we get them. But I do believe your site is poorly written and poorly researched. Learn how to use the term “sic” correctly.

      I like Jordan Brandman. I think he’s a smart guy who recognizes that Democrats in the minority on a city council need to be able to work across the aisle with Republicans in order to get things done. I think he’s been an effective member of the Anaheim School District. He’s been endorsed by Loretta Sanchez.
      Do we agree on every issue? No. Do I think he’s be a strong Democratic council member. Yes I do. I certainly don’t view Jordan as liberal, but he is on some issues just as he is conservative on others.

      I am not limited your ability to comment here except to encourage you to use the same name when commenting (using multiple names with the same IP address is a dishonest attempt to project a lot of people feel the way you do about Mr. Brandman…most don’t).

      The posts on your site stretch logic. Your “evidence” is weak. Disney makes contributions to a number of political candidates. The act of receiving this money makes no one a poodle.

      In fact you’ve inspired me to whip out my checkbook to cut him a check….

      • save anaheim save anaheim August 17, 2012

        Uhhhh, wrong on all accounts.
        (1) is NOT my website, nor am I “Jason Young”; ergo the conclusion thereon (or in Mr. Young’s post) are not mine;
        (2) The site referenced is what it is: however it appears factual, whether you agree with its positions or not. Which fact is incorrect, or are you just taking issue with the conclusions reached?
        (3) It is disturbing to think that you are acting “Big Brother” by looking at IP addresses to see who is posting at your site – that is rather Pedroza-esque – but you obviously did not in this case as I am not Mr. Young, nor do I have any idea who he is. Allowing people to comment through pseudonyms is a good policy (with some obvious drawbacks, although they have not really manifested on Lib OC or been on display in this exchange). Trying to ID them for your own selfish reasons, especially when they disagree with you, runs counter to the policy, and places you in the illustrious company of Art Pedroza, someone I would think you of all people would NOT seek to emulate.
        (4) We obviously disagree on Brandman – I have known him for YEARS, and have come to know him as a slick, snakeoil salesman. He will say one thing and do another. He will not stand up for his own alleged principles, as he is always concerned about how it will “appear”. The only time he takes “principled stands” – or even open stances on issues- appear to be for Disney, the OCBC and SOAR. His money flows from these same conduits. The majority of his support flows from this same machinery, and the relationship between them is blatantly incestuous. It is largely a community of interest that is not in the interest of the community, or communities, of Anaheim. It is for itself, and its own perpetuation and lining its own pockets.

        • save anaheim save anaheim August 17, 2012

          And so is Brandman.

        • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski August 17, 2012

          Allow me to explain a few things.
          1. when comments show up and need to be approved, they line up like email messages on our dashboard. So noting the same IP address under multiple names for comments in sequence doesn’t take a rocket scientist
          2. Your definition of facts and mine must be different. You use a lot of “guilt by association” scenarios. Curious why the site omits Bill Taormina from the people who support Jordan Brandman? Why do you edit the list?
          3. See #1 (the IP address appears in sequence under multiple listings and the writing style appears the same. I’m doing nothing extraordinary to ascertain your attempts to make it appear to be a groundwell of negativity towards Brandman.
          4. I too have known Brandman for years and cannot cite a single exmaple of when he did something contrary to what he said. Disney and the resort area of Anaheim represents a huge economic engine for the city and the county at large. Everytime Disney expands an aspect of the park, it creates more jobs. I remember who sleazy the area around Disneyland was 15 years ago and how much nicer it is today. Additionally, Anaheim is getting a lot more convention business these days and the hotels are nicer and buy those bed tax dollars sure are swell. Perhaps you’re just angry because you don’t work in the area? Apply at Disneyland..I hear they are looking for someone to be Goofy.

          • save anaheim save anaheim August 18, 2012

            Dan: Nice condescending post. Ignores facts, substitutes personal attacks in place of civilized conversation and debate. To adopt your tone, perhaps YOU should apply at Disney – they are looking for a Dumbo, a Dopey, a Flunkey the Baboon, and a Greasy the Weasel. Not to mention a Maleficent.

  4. Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | August 17, 2012

    We have two different commenters using “save anaheim” as a handle.

    • save anaheim save anaheim August 18, 2012

      Dan: You are a disingenuous tool. That is the lamest, most obtuse admission of error I have ever seen. No wonder you like Jordan Brandman so much: you have the same sense of shame: NONE.
      (1) You attacked me under false pretenses, claiming I was somebody I was not.
      (2) You relegated your argument to personal attacks based upon that falsehood.
      (3) I told you I was not who you claimed I was.
      (4) You lied, accusing me again of being somebody else by lying to your readers that you looked at my IP address, and it was the same as “Jason Young”‘s.
      (5) When again called on your mistatement/lie, you doubled down, saying you do not track your posters by IP address, but that since the posts came in near to one another, it was just something you noticed when approving my posts. This is obviously not true, as my IP address is not that of “Jason Young” as you falsely claimed over and over.
      (6)If you are now somehow claiming that someone else posted under “save anaheim” at some point, it merely proves to show that you do indeed track posters by IP addresses, as you would be admitting past tracking of such posters causing you confusion in the present case. By the way, as you are such an erudite guy, you should understand that pseudonyms are frequently used by communities with a common goal or issue identity: e.g. Ellery Queen or the Federalist Papers “Anonymous”. It should not be surprising, as save Anaheim is a common sentiment, especially to those concerned about the Daly/Pringle/Murray/Sidhu/Eastman/Disney/SOAR/OCBC suppression of minority communities, squelching of free speech, use of the City Attorney to bypass DA review of bogus criminal charges against innocent victims of police brutality, and similar abuse of power and 1/5 BILLION dollar giveaways of taxpayer dollars.
      (7) You had to be called out by Chris Prevatt to see that I was not Jason Young, nor was my email address the same. You could not care less whether what you said was factual, and you used your falsehoods and attacks on who you THOUGHT I was to ignore what I was saying. Personal attack instead of intellectual engagement. Is Dan Chmielewski a pseudonym for Art Pedroza? We should be able to, and do, expect much better of you, Dan. What a let down, and an embarrasment for the Liberal OC.

    • save anaheim save anaheim August 18, 2012

      A simple apology would suffice, by the way. Should one be offered,it will be accepted graciously, with all forgiven. Show some humility and grace.

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