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Video: This helps explain why there is so much tension in the Anaheim Flatlands

The following video demonstrates why the residents of the less affluent neighborhoods of Anaheim are so frustrated with the police and city leaders. Note to Councilwoman Gail Eastman; it’s not all quiet in the hood. The overwhelming police response, at least 8 police cars and one police helicopter, for an unwarranted search and ID check of someone simply filming police “show of force” is disturbing and unhelpful to the need to cool the tensions between the police and community.

Add to this the photo yesterday from OCWeekly reporter Brandon Ferguson shows how the Anaheim Police Department appears to be intent on inciting the very violence they are supposed to prevent. Ferguson was in the Anaheim neighborhood of Anna Drive where Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed, was shot by police a week ago. The community was conducting a car wash to raise money to pay funeral expenses for Diaz.

Anaheim PD Show of Force
Tactical vehicle near the neighborhood where Manuel Diaz was shot by police. (Photo: Brandon Ferguson/OCWeekly)

Ferguson’s post in OCWeekly’s Navel Gazing Blog, Us and Them: the Embattled Residents of Anaheim’s Flatlands, describes the tension in striking detail.

Today’s car washers may already have their answers. In a grand show of authority, helmet-clad cops made their presence known driving tactical SUV’s through the small apartment-lined neighborhood where Diaz was shot. Several cops clung to the outside of the vehicles, ready to mobilize.

“That’s just callous,” said 62-year-old Dan Reyna, a Santa Ana resident. “They should show a little more sympathy. (People here) just want to get the kid buried and help the family out.”


  1. stepnfetchit stepnfetchit July 30, 2012

    You’re absolutetly correct joe your video not only adds to the unrest of the protesters and also the media only following and siding with the protesters who are actually there for two gangsters who terrorized our community… thanks joe

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