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Appeals Court Says No To Costa Mesa Charter Initiative on June Ballot


SANTA ANA — The Costa Mesa City Council majority, led by Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer, was dealt another blow to their effort to ram through a city charter initiative on the June ballot. The California Fourth District Court of Appeals upheld last week’s decision by Superior Court Judge Franz Miller, rejecting the city’s argument that it should be granted an exception to the rules regarding filing deadlines.

In addition to dealing a blow to Righeimer’s push to subvert the injunction preventing the contracting out of city jobs to non-public agencies, it shows that no matter how many high-priced lawyers you hire, you cannot subvert the law.

Hehehehehe! Laughing


  1. RHackett RHackett April 3, 2012

    Where is the Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association? Strangely silent while tax dollars were wasted on a frivolous lawsuit.

    • Gericault Gericault April 4, 2012

      You know I was wondering that same thing…..they didn’t post one word about this whole fiasco. They went ten days without any new info on their Facebook page while this entire “f-up” went down.
      The CM Tax group are a waste of time , energy, and money.

  2. Tar and Feather! Tar and Feather! April 4, 2012

    I think it’s just a front group for the Righeimer Gang. Clearly its leader “Colon” wants to be on council.

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