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Posts published in March 2011

An Email from a Conservative

Jim Bieber, who runs a public affairs firm and handles a lot of conservative clients, took me to task for the post I put up…

Red County Catfight

Sometimes, it pays to read the comments in blogs.  I trolled on over to Red County Wednesday to see if GOP teapartier Allan Bartlett had…

Reagan Shot 30 Years Ago

While we’re managing our reporting of the Jerry Amante recall effort, we nearly forgot to mention that it’s been 30 years since President Ronald Reagan…

Orange County Residents to Protest Anti-Gay Group’s Fundraiser at Disneyland

A group of Orange County residents are planning an unorthodox welcome to a group which opposes equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens. The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) has opposed protection for LGBT people under hate crimes legislation and worked against equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Brown terminates budget discussions with GOP

Governor Jerry Brown announced on Tuesday that he has terminated his negotiations with Republicans in the state legislature over a budget plan. Brown pointed out that while he had proposed drastic cuts to address half of the budget deficit, the Republicans refused to budge on tax cuts for corporations that ship jobs out of California and a special election in June where voters would be asked to extend existing tax increases.