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Posts published in December 2010

White House Pushes DREAM Act Passage

Congress is preparing to vote on the DREAM Act in the coming days, so we thought it would be good to lay out what it means for our nation. The DREAM Act is common-sense legislation drafted by both Republicans and Democrats that would give students who grew up in the United States a chance to contribute to our country’s well-being by serving in the U.S. armed forces or pursuing a higher education. It’s good for our economy, our security, and our nation. That’s why the DREAM Act has long enjoyed bipartisan support.

Loretta Sanchez Honors National Guard, while Chuck DeVore dishonors his service in the National Guard

“I am proud to join my colleagues in honoring the 374thanniversary of the National Guard. As the oldest component of the Armed Forces, the National Guard has played an instrumental role in the defense of our country. Today, tens of thousands of Guardmembers are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations throughout the world. Without their sense of duty and love of country, we would not enjoy the many freedoms America has to offer.

World AIDS Day: December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day serves as an important reminder that HIV/AIDS has not gone away. More than one million Americans currently live with HIV/AIDS in the United States, and more than 56,000 become infected each year. For too long, this epidemic has loomed over our Nation and our world, taking a devastating toll on some of the most vulnerable among us. On World AIDS Day, we mourn those we have lost and look to the promise of a brighter future and a world without HIV/AIDS.