Remembering Stonewall? Seven arrested in Texas gay bar ‘raid’

Men charged with ‘public intoxication’ on Stonewall’s 40th anniversary

By LOU CHIBBARO JR, Washington Blade:  Seven customers were arrested for public intoxication at a Fort Worth, Texas, gay bar shortly after midnight Sunday.

Angry gay activists said the incident mimicked the famous police raid on the Stonewall Inn gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village exactly 40 years earlier.

Fort Worth police released a statement saying they conducted a routine “alcohol beverage code inspection,” not a raid, at the Rainbow Lounge, a gay club that opened for business less than a month ago.

But at least three customers present during the appearance by police officers and Texas liquor commission agents told a CBS-affiliated TV news station that the officers and agents acted in an aggressive and rude manor toward the customers and began singling out people for arrest on public intoxication charges.

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