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Tibor Mahan’s Clueless Editorial

I sure hope Chapman University professor and Register contributor Tibor Machan was watching the millions of Americans who braved the cold in Washington DC to witness the inauguration of a new president today. 

Mahan’s column in this morning’s paper was nothing short of a wet blanket on the inauguration of a new president; I have to question whether or not the good professor has read any of the policies/position papers by the Obama team before writing it.  Mahan is just another Libertarian who reflects an extremely small minority viewpoint about the role of government who is unhappy with the election of a Democrat.

From his column:

“But then I reflect again on some of the negatives, such as how much Mr. Obama appears still to rely not on any substance but mere style. The man looks like he walked off the cover of GQ magazine but, as with many who adorn magazine covers featuring beautiful people, there is no evidence of any in depth of political wisdom in him. All that talk about change was bunk – no change of any importance is likely to come from the Obama administration apart from what is expected from any liberal Democratic presidency. That kind of change I find nothing but repugnant – a nostalgic throwback to the New Deal, for example, and an open embrace of the idea of wealth redistribution.”

Change is coming professor. 

America will again be a nation governed by the rule of law.  Markets will function, but will have regulation (how’s that Free Market philosophy working for you?).  Torture is no longer sanctioned.  Gitmo will be closed.  Iraq will no longer by a huge draw in American blood and treasure.  Government will become the world’s largest VC investing in renewable energy and job creation that can’t be outsourced.  I find it interesting that Liberal Democratic administrations are repugnant to the Professor when its well-documented that more jobs are created under Democratic administrations and the Stock Market, historically, performs better under a Democratic administration.   Perhaps reading some of Paul Krugman’s work is in order; he only won a Nobel Prize in economics.

If you have criticisms Professor, they should have been made about the man who’s on his way back to Texas.

Obama’s approach to government is to make sure it works.  Not about how big or how small it is.  But whether it works.


  1. anon anon January 20, 2009

    Mr. Machan and his ilk are the dinosaurs that the vast majority of Americans are leaving behind in the wake of change.

  2. RHackett RHackett January 20, 2009

    Machan and his ilk need to check their offices for fume leaks.

    The bankrupt philosophy that the "free market" will correct and police itself needs to be quickly tossed onto the dustbins of history.

  3. Keep da Peace Keep da Peace January 21, 2009

    Right on, Chris. Tibor Machan comes off as disgruntled at the least and borders on racist to boot. His typical writings reflect a desire to kow tow to the Register editors so they continue to publish his drivlle. The Register does itself a huge disservice by allowing Machan and a few other so-called intellectuals write for them to save money.

  4. Eric Cooper Eric Cooper January 21, 2009

    Tibor Machan has been cluless since his first article for The Register. Did you expect him to do a 180 all of a sudden?

    • Keep da Peace Keep da Peace January 22, 2009

      Not at all. Even the hardcore Republicans don't like him. He, like many of our BoS, City Mayors and other pols wrongly believe that business is King and that government can and should be run like a business: to make money. They also think their clients (us) are cash cows with bottomless pockets. He needs to go find another yellow journal to write for.

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