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Blonde Polar Opposites Capture America’s Attention

Hillary Clinton’s confirmation hearings have started off resoundingly well. Her most vocal critic throughout the entire hearing was that cheating scumbag Senator David Vitter, who questioned Hillary on the disclosure of donators to the Clinton Global initiative and about how he believes the disclosures should be expanded. Hillary and practically every Democrat on the committee all mentioned how Bill is already going above and beyond what is mandated by law so Vitter’s questioning has had zero effect on Hillary’s nomination. Many of you know that Hillary was respected by both Republicans and Democrats in the senate, and many NY Times articles lauded her for the level of bi-partisanship she displayed while serving actively as a senator. Her confirmation is all but confirmed, and it seems like US Senators are going out of their way to support her and wish her luck. In fact, you can almost hear them whispering… “Hillary, come on, I’m sorry! I know I promised to support you but… you know… at least now you’ll be Secretary of State!  Please don’t hurt me!”.



The thing that impressed me the most about her in these hearings was that it almost seemed as if she were continuing her presidential campaign, I don’t mean to say that it seemed like she was undermining Barack, because she wasn’t, I’m merely pointing out that it seemed as if she were merely laying out her diplomatic strategy for the next 4 years, exactly as she would have wanted to, had she been elected.  While campaigning she infamously promised to end “cowboy diplomacy” and today she unveiled her plan for an era of “smart diplomacy” which was going to split diplomatic and militaristic foreign aid. Already, Hillary Clinton is revolutionizing the world of diplomacy. Poor Condi.

Ann Coulter’s interview on Monday with the ladies of The View didn’t go nearly as well as Hillary’s confirmation hearings went (or maybe it did).  I am no fan of Ann Coulter, but it seemed as if she hardly had an opportunity to talk. In fact you could hardly hear Ann talk at all (maybe a minutes worth), the entire show was mostly just the ladies of the view tripping over each other to try to confront the Ann about the thing they hated the most about her writings. At one point Ann accused Barbara of reading her book on the air as if it were Mein Kampf. The other ladies couldn’t defend Barbara quickly enough! There’s a lot of wondering going around as to whether Ann was kicked off the show after only one segment, or if she was only scheduled for one segment. Those who know Ann’s tactics know that she would never just leave; her books get sold because of the level of confrontation and sensationalism she creates wherever she goes.


  1. Jennifer Jennifer January 13, 2009

    I was watching the view when that women was on, Whoppi said that they would talk about her book when they were back, not that the interview would continue. Go Hillary!

  2. Misha Houser Misha Houser January 13, 2009

    Steve, her books, like many in the Right Wing universe, are bought up by Righty groups who then distribute them to their supporters. The moniker “best seller” has been rendered useless by these groups who buy thousands of copies to inflate their book numbers. They give a false impression that folks like Coulter have a following.

    It’s easy to make yourself appear to be a popular author if you know of groups willing to spend the moolah to buy up enough copies to make it look like they’re selling…

  3. Jennifer Jennifer January 13, 2009

    I agree with Steve ;during Ann Coulter’s interview on the View all the ladies just talked over her and didn’t really give her a chance to respond to the way that they were bashing her. I think that they kicked her off after that first segment. Rarely those ladies ever agree on anything.

    Your right Hilary Clinton is doing exactly what she wanted to do as if she had been elected into her office. Way to pick up on that one Mr. Perez. Very Intuitive of you indeed.

  4. dclark dclark January 14, 2009

    Typical liberals (the view group – save one); if you can’t dispute the facts demonize the messenger.

    Tough Anti-spam word, my fingers kept typing ………..

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