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Fullerton Councilmember Keller Spanks Nelson

Councilmember Pam KellerHere is the video link to the Fullerton City Council Meeting from Tuesday, August 19, 2008. The Register’s Orange Punch and Red County/OC Blog have written on this topic today. Both blogs have misrepresented the comments of Fullerton Councilmember Keller as an enemy of open government. That could not be further from the truth. I suggest that readers actually take a look at the meeting for themselves to get the full story. The discussion of the rules of closed session and the Brown Act begins with Agenda Item #15 (time index 1:04:00. Councilmember Keller’s comments begin at time index 1:33:00.

Councilmember Keller points out the clear fact of Councilman Nelson’s misrepresentation of his own position on closed session discussions. The presentation points out pretty clearly, that Nelson’s actions violate both the spirit and intent of California law regarding closed sessions and the and labor law regarding good-faith negotiations.

This is a manufactured tempest on the part of Mr. Nelson in an effort to draw attention to his own reelection campaign. He is not a hero and is likely guilty of a misdemeanor.


  1. Republican Dementia Republican Dementia August 21, 2008

    Pam Keller does a very good job of explaining what’s going on here.

    This is an amazing breach of fiduciary responsibility to the city and a clear violation of the law, and there’s obviously no motive other than shameless self-promotion on the part of Shawn Nelson.

    It’s especially ruthless because Nelson gets to put out any story he wants because the other council members would be violating the law if they contradict Nelson’s version with a more accurate version of what is going on in closed session.

    The Register and the bloggers play along because they have equal contempt for the law.

    The Brown Act provides for multiple penalties for Nelson’s contempt of the law, including injunctive relief, and it’s clear that Nelson should be stripped of his ability to participate in labor negotiations as well as prosecuted.

  2. Vern Nelson Vern Nelson August 21, 2008

    Aw, I want to get spanked by Pam Keller! (I’m a Nelson too, does that work?)

  3. Shocking! Shocking! August 21, 2008

    Oh, Jubal/Matt had a fit over Haluza doing her job correctly and following the letter of the law. Those details really don’t matter, since they have nothing to pin on Democrat they just make things up.

    Thank you for calling them out on this.

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