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The Right Wing War on Janet Nguyen

I don’t feel like getting into an argument with Matt Cunningham at OC Blog on the nuances of Republican, Republican Establishment, Official Party Leaders are what not, but we did discuss the attacks on Sup. Janet Nguyen the other day.  And I did maintain that she bucked the GOP establishment without naming names.

The Register’s Steven Greenhut wrote a well-through editorial about the matter and you can read it here.

The best line in the editorial was the first: Aren’t there any adults in the Orange County Republican Party who can rein in a troubling attempt by influential GOP activists to destroy the re-election hopes of Supervisor Janet Nguyen? 

Steve, the answer is NO.  And what’s so troubling about it?

Matt is now calling for a truce. 

From Matt’s post: 

I would also like to see the two sides lay down their arms and find some way to at least co-exist peacefully. At the same time, this sort of “it’s the Machine!” rhetoric grossly oversimplifies the situation, which is of Janet Nguyen’s own making to a large degree.

Hogwash.  Janet ran a close race.  She asked or a recount which was her right.  She won the recount.  Trung lost.  Pride is a terrible thing. I’d like to know if the free legal advice Team Trung is getting doesn’t violate some election law.

What this shows voters is how small a person Trung Nguyen really is, and I’m not talking physical size, but do you really want someone so petty representing you in any office moving forward.  It also says volumes about the character of the people backing Trung too.  I’m glad you’re not part of my party.  Didn’t Ronald Reagan, the deity worshiped by the right in OC, once proclaim “Don’t speak ill of any Republican”? That’s the way to follow the Gipper’s directive.

As a lefty, I’d like to thank all parties involved in this political dustup that makes Sanchez-Dornan I & II look like a tea party.  Every ounce of energy spent makes it that much easier for the Democrats to reclaim this seat.  Pride is a terrible thing.  Team Trung needs to learn how to swallow it.


  1. Aunt Millie Aunt Millie June 20, 2007

    No truce.

    More popcorn.

    As Americans are sickened by the greed, corruption, and gross incompetence of the Republicans on a national level, the local party will focus even more on building their local organization, relying extensively on the Vietnamese absentee ballot machine. If they’re at each other’s throats, the machine may grind to a halt. Even more alluring is the prospect that someone might start looking closely at the teams of burly young men who make repeated trips to every elderly Vietnamese voter to assist them in voting.

    Meanwhile,. the LA Times reports this morning on one more level of massive incompetence by Bush Republicans which is inconveniencing millions of Americans.

    Is there any department of government that they haven’t managed to savage with their partisanship, cronyism, and contempt for the basic precepts of how to govern?

  2. Andrew Davey Andrew Davey June 20, 2007

    Oh, gawd! Let Trung and Janet continue to rip each other to shreds. They’re really making our task of turning the First District “blue” again MUCH EASIER. : )

    (It’s just too bad that they don’t take seriously their claim of fiscal conservatism, as they’re wasting our time and money with these ridiculous lawsuits.)

  3. Northcountystorm Northcountystorm June 21, 2007

    Hey Claudio/// Can you get it in writing from Joe Dunn that he won’t try to move the County Office of Administration to Irvine?

  4. demmother demmother June 21, 2007

    Schroeder represented Dornan in the voter ‘fraud’ case of 1996.

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