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You get what you vote for


I told you so.

Last fall I wrote that voting for Andrew Nguyen, Mary Mangold, and Dave Bridgewaters in the Westminster School Board race was a bad idea for progressives. Even though all three were backed by the teacher’s union, I said they were “pawns of special interests.” [Link]

I thought that the Our Children, Our Vote coalition candidates would serve the community better.

And still, the Democratic Party of Orange County endorsed Andy and Mary (Dave no-showed), and all three of them went on to win seats on the board.

Two months later, the threesome is on the list of endorsements for Republican Trung Nguyen in his bid for the 1st District Supervisor’s seat. And Andy’s getting showcased at events in the Vietnamese community as bipartisan support for Trung.

Good to know that Andrew, Mary, and Dave support the only person in this race (so far) that has used race-baiting to garner support for the Minutemen-types. When they are running for re-election, I hope that the party remembers this.

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