Van Tran ‘s wife is a criminal…should it matter?

Van Tran is the republican incumbent running for the 68th State Assembly seat, and this morning’s LA Times has a story about Van Tran’s wife Cyndi Nguyen admitting to writing fake medical bills to scam insurance agencies, and there are also accusations of Nguyen falsely represented herself as an attorney. [LA Times]

So get ready for the republican Tran campaign to start telling us that it’s “old news” and that “Van Tran is the candidate, not his wife.”

But I don’t buy that. The fact that Tran’s wife was the target of a sting involving the FBI and seven other law enforcement agencies hurts Tran’s credibility.

I can’t prove that Tran was aware of any of Cyndi’s crimes before she was caught, but nobody can prove that there wasn’t some pillow talk going on before the 2003 sting.

Here’s a snippet from the end of the Times article:

As recently as this year, however, her services at the paralegal office were advertised in the Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages website. She was listed as “Xinh Cyndi Nguyen, Attorney at Law,” although she is not a lawyer.

Tran, 41, said Nguyen, 31, did not know how she came to be listed as an attorney. “They can put anything on the Internet,” he said.

What a great end to this story. Nguyen is still committing crimes, and Van Tran is taking no responsibility for it. Misrepresenting yourself as an attorney is a misdemeanor punishable by…oh, we don’t need to tell Nguyen, she’s already got three misdemeanors.

It’s a lazy Sunday for me, and I’ve been writing this post all day between breakfast, a nap, and a splash in the pool. Before I came around to posting this, The Orange Juice Blog beat me to it.  [Link]

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