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It’s a No-Go for Tan

This site has been getting a lot of hits from the tagged-up Tan signs that we’ve been posting about. OCBlightwatch found us, probably through a google search. They are a group of folks that are fighting temporary sign blight of the commercial variety, and they have a Yahoo! Group to disseminate their message.

What are your thoughts on this idea:

Tan’s campaign has littered our streets with his signs, but should our trees be off-limits? This tree is actually on a public easement in Garden Grove. Is this a clever way of getting our attention, or is it an other place in our cities that this campaign is polluting?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous May 9, 2006

    he shouldn’t be allowed to post sings in trees! Trees are for birds for heavens sakes. What’s next? Posting signs in churches?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous May 13, 2006

    I’m sure Tan’s campaign did not post that sign in the tree, nor did they organize a protest on the overpass on the 405. Typically, in a campaign supports ask for signs and he has no control over what they do with them.

    Tan’s campaign is pro-immigration and anti-illegal immigration…and you classify that as racist? Don’t you think society is becoming a little desensitized by that word because of Liberals like yourself? I’m a registered Democrat and feel that Tan is right on with the issues he is addressing. Maybe you should educate yourself before making these ignorant comments…

  3. Mike Lawson Mike Lawson May 14, 2006

    This sign is near Main Street in Garden Grove–in the parking lot of Tan Nguyen’s election headquarters. If Tan’s campaign didn’t post the sign, they are sure aware of it. But yes, I think that targeting one group of people and calling them an uneducated burden on our system is racist. If the society is desensitized to the word, I need to come up with another to call him out on this un-ethical tactic.

    Perhaps you like Tan because he was once a Democrat. About a year ago in his last race for Congress he was pretending to be a Dem.

    This district needs somebody that cares about the people, and not just getting elected to Congress.

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