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TheLiberalOC is an all volunteer effort on the part of our blog team members. It’s more important than ever that there be a credible voice from a progressive perspective in Orange County. fills that role in Orange County.

As with most things in life, running this blog isn’t free. To continue our efforts we rely on a combination of advertising revenues and sponsorships from like minded people and organizations.

You can support our efforts to Challenge the Right-Wing Noise Machine in Orange County with a financial contribution.

We have multiple levels of sponsorship and recognition.

Publisher’s Circle (Sponsor’s Page Listing with Corporate Logo and front page 280 x 250 “Sponsor” ad)

$1,000 +

Whistleblower (Sponsor’s Page Listing with Corporate Logo and front page 160 x 200 “Sponsor” ad)

$500 to $999

Muckraker (Sponsor’s Page Listing)

$250 to $499

New Media (Sponsor’s Page Listing)

$100 to $249

Supporter (no listing)

$1 to $99

Please complete the contact form and give us your mailing address so that we can send you a small token of our appreciation.

Contributions can be made by mail if you wish.

Checks should be made payable to:

Thinking Liberally Media, Inc
1625 E. Appleton Street, #3H
Long Beach, Ca, 90802