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Re-elect Rusty Hicks CDP Chair

CDP chair Rusty Hicks

In February, I’m home watching a movie on a Saturday night.  My term with DPOC is done.  I did not run for ADEMs.  My cell rings.  I answer it.  It’s Rusty Hicks seeking my vote for chair.  So for those out there thinking Hicks has some magical formula for soliciting votes, he doesn’t.  The list wasn’t updated. I let him know I can’t vote for him but I thank him for his work. So that takes care of the rumor mill that says he has some sort of inside track to re-election.

And all that doesn’t matter, but Hicks deserves re-election to CDP chair.  He’s done a masterful job herding cats including the loudest who self-identify as Bernie Sanders supporters (a reminder, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and still is not a Democrat and never will be a Democrat).

The loudest voices against Rusty or Berners to which I say — yes, glad we united against the rape apologist who won election on the backs of the NRA, who has shady ties to Russian and family members who profited from real estate deals that typically make money.  The candidate who did not release his medical records, profited by running for election in 2016 and cannot get over losing to a woman by millions of votes and oh — you thought I was talking about Trump.  If you want to argue the rape apologist point, Bernie wrote an article for an alt-weekly in Vermont in the 70s that said “women fantasize about being raped by three men.”  They do not.  Consensual sex with three men, maybe, but no one wants to be raped.

The party’s tent is bigger than the one Bernie will step inside for a moment to speak his message.

Rusty took over at a terrible time and did a remarkable job in spite of the obstacles he had to content with.  And his endorsements are remarkable:




Labor Activist Dolores Huerta
Congressmember Ted Lieu
Congressmember Judy Chu
Assemblymember Luz Rivas
LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell
LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis
LA Councilmember Kevin De Leon
West Hollywood Councilmember John Erickson
Tracy Councilmember Rhodesia Ransom
Eastvale Mayor Jocelyn Yow

Great Americans:
Gil Cisneros
Audrey Denney
Brynne Kennedy
Elizabeth Betancourt
Chris Bubser

County Chairs:
Ada Briceno, Orange
Kristin Washington, San Bernandino
G. Anthony Phillips, Napa
Tisa Rodriguez, Riverside
Faith Strailey, Plumas
Bill James, Santa Clara
Leslie Austin, San Benito
Lynne Atkins, Mendocino
Mark  Gonzalez, Los Angeles

Caucus Chairs:
Joy Sterling, Rural Caucus
Hene Kelly, Disabilities Caucus
Melissa Ramoso, API Caucus
Lester Aponte, LGBTQ Caucus

DNC Member:
Carolyn Fowler

House speaker Nancy Pelosi says it better than I could:

“I proudly endorse Rusty Hicks for re-election as Chair of the California Democratic Party. As a former Chair of the Party, I know first-hand that leading the Party takes focus, discipline, and hard work. Rusty took over in a tough environment and helped us win despite the covid pandemic and the onslaught of Republicans’ dark, special interest money and voter suppression tactics against Democrats. As a labor leader, Rusty is focused on working people, particularly communities of color and frontline workers who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. He knows how to organize and is disciplined in delivering our message to improve and protect their lives, livelihoods, and our democracy. Rusty has put in the hard work to build a diverse coalition from across the state that is prepared to engage with empathy, defeat the recall, and strengthen our House Democratic majority. Please join me and my colleagues in supporting Rusty’s reelection as Chair of the California Democratic Party”.

Rusty is running against failed gubernatorial candidate Delaine Easten who has proudly embraced the Bernie Bros for her candidacy and better for her to be pure than to win.  She’s not the leader for this state party.

TheLiberalOC proudly endorses Rusty Hicks for California Democratic Party Chair.


  1. Rob J. Rob J. March 30, 2021

    Biden is president, and you’re still mad about Bernie?

    Thanks for giving me a reason to unsubscribe from site. I assumed you’d actually have progressive talking points, but you’re full of it, and you’re smart enough to know it.

    I’m sure Fox News would be happy to hire you to be their Liberal Pundit.

    Even better, you’re going to write this off as some “Bernie Bros”, because you can’t actually become educated enough to learn anything other than your hacked-out echo-chamber talking points.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | March 31, 2021

      Bernie people are still mad Bernie isn’t president. The Biden administration has been remarkably progressive in what’s its done so far and with what it intends to do. And I’d argue that both Biden and Rusty recognize the big tent the Party is supposed to be. And that’s why Joe is succeeding and Rusty will too.

  2. Vern P Nelson Vern P Nelson March 31, 2021

    Beautiful piece. You have outdone yourself.

    I’ll be back again next month if I get REALLY bored.

    • Dan Chmielewski Dan Chmielewski Post author | April 13, 2021

      I just want to know if Victor passed parenting school and if he knows what shoe size his boys wear. I’d ask if he’s current on child support but that would be true if someone else paid

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